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Mamas Muffins

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Flavor: Sweet bakery muffin vape.
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Flavor: Slightly Sweet Light and fluffy muffin vape juice

Soak your tastes buds in a freshly baked muffin. This complex flavor is a rich and tasty experience. Take a bite into a muffin that's coated with slight hints of apple and strawberry. Take this moment and reminisce about the good old days of when you would bake with your mother. The delicious smells of the bakery fill the air, fresh apples and strawberries grace your nostrils complimenting every other flavor note. You churn out batch after batch of muffins and the anticipation of eating one is so great that your stomach is growling and your mouth is watering with every second that you don't have one of those golden fluffy muffins in your mouth. This is the experience you will likely experience when you try our Mamas Muffins craft eliquid. This is truly how mama used to make them, but now provided in ejuice form.

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