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Peachy Rings

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Flavor: Peach Candy flavored
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Flavor: Peachy Candy Rings e-juice

Ever tried those Juicy Peach Rings that you get at a candy shop. This flavor tastes just like it. Sweet candy peach layered in just the right amount of sugar. This brings you back to those marvelous days of your youth, but all while still remaining of age to legally purchasing vaping products. A flavor like peachy rings hits all the marks. People who love desserts enjoy this, has a candied fruit flavor to it so candy lovers enjoy this as well as the fruit vaper. The smell of peachy rings is just what you would expect. A peachy sweetness fills the air and is enjoyed by any passerby. the flavors are tank worthy to leave in there and fill whenever empty with your big 120ml bottle. This is a great flavor to add to your fatpacks or try in a sample pack if you arent quite ready to commit to something bigger. Get yours today!

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