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on 11/4/2017

Perfect blend
Love the flavor. Great blend. And the cost is great.
on 10/28/2016

Great gummy flavor but strange after taste. Once you get past it, it's actually a good buy. pretty spot on with the flavorings though.
on 8/29/2017

Great juice!
Incredible taste, great flavor. I could vape it all day long.
on 8/16/2017

Very happy with it
It's just perfect. Great price, blows huge clouds, easy to fill. The button and tank colors change to whatever you want - white, blue, green, red, and purple. I have used box mods for 2 yrs and they never last, so I bought this one in an emergency. I'm going to get another for backup.
on 5/31/2018

Long lasting too!
Good price from a great company! Fast delivery for awesome products!
on 9/14/2017

Great for 1st time vapers
Great mod, even for first time vapers!! You can even update the mod which is fantastic!!! You can set you ohm's and know when your battery is low!! It's a great mod.
on 10/28/2017

Is the best do it yourself flavor I have ever used!
on 1/9/2016

Definitely worth the price.
Good, wouldn't exactly call it tobacco flavor but it's still good.
on 3/16/2016

Perfectly Crafted
Great cherry licorice flavor, light puffy clouds, I can't put this stuff down!
on 9/14/2017

I'm coming back for more.
It had such a sweet taste and became one of my favorites instantly. My best friend tried it out and recommended it to me.
on 1/26/2016

Worth It
Very Smooth... Nice taste... Great mixture... Will definately get again....
on 11/5/2016

Summer love
This is my new favorite flavor for the moment. Awesome vape flavor with a hint of mint on the exhale.
on 1/29/2016

Absolutely amazing...the best muffins ive ever had
on 6/12/2018

Works great even after falling off my 3rd floor porch; it is almost a year and it continues to go strong :)
on 11/16/2016

I like it it taste good if you like that type of thing but not bad at all.
on 12/14/2016

Great, if you like chocolate.
The chocolate flavor took over the show and the mint flavor got totally lost in this vape.
on 2/19/2016

Love that lychee tropical taste, this is ur juice. This is now my daily vape juice! The flavor is great. It's a 10 out of 10 juice!
on 3/26/2017

this is a good piece for a beginner getting in to mech mods
on 4/5/2016

Great and cheap
Fantastic juice would buy again by far one of my favorites
on 7/14/2016

Good flavour for cheap.
Tried this flavor the other day from you guys. It had an alright quality one of the better cream soda flavours I've had but not the best. Keep it up.
on 1/27/2016

Great juice!!
This by far is the best juice I have tried so far. Just got my second order and trying fruity rings. Can't wait to get some more!
on 10/23/2017

Perfect flavoring
Adds just the perfect touch to the cheesecake eliquid..love this flavor..
on 8/13/2016

trying it out
looks good taste good not bad mix with other flavors
on 2/7/2018

Affordable Coils
The V8 baby-M2 coils are the best ones for my tank cuz they last the longest for my vaping needs plus they are affordable.
on 10/25/2016

Great juice
Amazing product, great vapor production, overall amazing.
on 4/12/2018

Love my revenger
I love my Revenger X!! I've had 6 other vapes since I've began vaping and the revenger is by far my favorite!! The coils provide excellent flavor, cloud and are long lasting.
on 8/25/2017

Best ever
The best juice on the market! Every flavor I've tried never disappoints. Your coils will last forever with these juices.
Vaping Crimson
on 12/13/2017

Sweet lemon bar with just the right amount of citrus notes.
This is a deliciously smooth vape with hints of lemon and creamy sweetness that work really well together. Not overpowering like some citrus blends. I enjoyed vaping this for hours.
on 10/23/2017

Sweet and smooth flavoring
Love this sweet flavoring..mixes real well with the mean mocha eliquid..tastes like a cup of hot chocolate..
on 4/4/2017

Its a good one but I think I need more power than my two18650s r giveing me.

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