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5 x 120 mL Vape Craft Bottles

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Enjoy this FATPACK style package of 5X120mL Vape Craft budget ejuice.
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Vape Craft vape juice bulk ejuice
5 x 120 mL Vape Craft Bottles

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    5 x 120 mL Vape Craft Bottles

    The Vape Craft Inc budget 5 pack is truly a first of its kind. Years ago we knew that vapers needed a better, higher quality option for vape liquid all while maintaining budget prices, so that's were we happily stepped in. Vape Craft created the original $15 120ml ejuice bottle in the midst of companies regularly overcharging their customers. We wanted to make reasonable juice, crafted by vapers, for vapers. Since we started offering a large bundle of ejuice we have coined this deal, the FATPACK. Those of your that are signed up for our promotional emails will likely see some notifications on special deals for this well crafted eliquid. We are proud to give vapers like you a top notch experience every single time you visit our website. From the original and stylish labels on our bottles, to the delicious vape juice that we host inside each and every bottle, you will enjoy your Vape Craft Inc experience every single time. Ask around and see why for so many years people who needed fast and reliable craft eliquid, went with Vape Craft Inc. Enjoy your vaping experience with any of the 28 flavors that are made to order for your tasting pleasure with the best ingredients you will ever vape from a budget line. Thank you for not smoking!

    See Our Vape Sauce Flavors

    OMG SO GOOD -  Rich creamy dessert eliquid flavor with notes of custard, vanilla, cheesecake, and brown sugar 

    Blueberry Custard - Blueberries and Vanilla Custard eliquid

    French Vanilla Cheesecake - Authentic Cheesecake eliquid with multiple layers of French Vanilla
    Hard Candy - Hard Candy vape juice
    Strawberry Lemonade - Strawberry Lemonade vape juice
    Mamas Muffins - Slightly Sweet Light and fluffy muffin vape juice
    Peachy Rings - Peachy Candy Rings e-juice
    Blue Banana - Blueberries & Bananas e-liquid
    Mean Mocha - Mocha Coffee vape liquid
    Nectar Custard - Vanilla Custard, Caramel, and our Nectar Sauce ejuice
    Yogurtize Me - Greek Yogurt vape juice topped with Strawberries & Blueberries
    Strawberry Custard - Strawberries and Vanilla Custard
    Orange Dream - Orange Creamy frozen treat vape juice
    Rich Tobacco - Tobacco vape with Subtle Caramel
    Fruity Rings - Fruity cereal flavored eliquid
    Candy Watermelon - Candy Watermelon e-juice
    Butterscotch Twist - Butterscotch candies and vanilla ice cream
    Vape The Rainbow -  rainbow candy flavor
    Frozen Fruit - Menthol eliquid with undertones of Lychee, Apples, and Watermelon
    Holy Moly - Graham Crackers, creamy vanilla and hazlenut blended with slight notes of other creamy dessert flavors. 
    Fruit Fusion - Strawberry fruit fusion candy e-juice
    Melberry -  Refreshing melons and berries with a touch of spearmint
    Oasis Cooler - A sweet and refreshing pineapple orange citrus soda just like your favorite cactus cooling drink, only in ejuice form
    Red Riot- Red Licorice
    Fruit Whip  - a delicious Strawberry & Raspberry flavor whipped up into an all day vape.
    Glazed Flakes - Glazed Flakes are a traditional take on your milky, cornflake breakfast cereal.
    Grape Slush - Grape Slush is a Grape and Raspberry concoction with a cool after-tone.
    Iced & Fizzy - Iced & Fizzy is a refreshing lemon, strawberry & raspberry eliquid that will surely be your favorite summer vape. 
    Raspberry Lemonade - Raspberry Lemonade is a refreshing Raspberry & Lemon eliquid
    Straw Banapple - Straw Banapple is a strawberry, Banana and Apple 
    Strawberry Ice Cream - Strawberry Ice Cream is a juicy ripe strawberry blended perfectly with a dollop of rich vanilla ice cream.
    Tropical Twist - Tropical Twist is a mango, orange, and pineapple
    Whipped Salted Caramel - Whipped Salted Caramel is everything you could want with a dollop of whipped cream and caramel blended into an eliquid to give you those sweet milky clouds.
    Wild Berry Melon - Wild Berry Melon is a refreshing blend of Raspberry, Strawberry, and Melon.
    Strawberry Milk - Strawberry Milk
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