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French Vanilla Cheesecake

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Flavor: A rich French Vanilla Cheesecake juice.
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Flavor: Authentic Cheesecake eliquid with multiple layers of French Vanilla

Are you a true Dessert Fan? You have to try this one! If you are a cheesecake connoisseur try this rich and creamy blend. Packed with tons of flavor this one goes extraordinarily well after a nice meal. Imagine you are at your favorite fancy dinner place, the staff are dressed to the nines, there is rhythmic. melodic music playing in the background, the drinks are flowing and you just enjoyed four courses of amazing food. You have one more round in you, so you opt for dessert to cap off the night. After gazing at the menu the cheesecake catches your eye and intrigues you, as you saw it on another table earlier. The waiter gently lays the plate of French Vanilla Cheesecake in front of you. After the first bite you taste how creamy the cake is, full of flavor and delightful from start to finish. This is a true favorite with so many people. Pro tip: Mix this with our OMG SO GOOD flavor to get a dessert ejuice that is undeniably the best you ever had. Get your bottles today and make vaping an experience with Vape Craft ejuice!

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