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Hard Candy

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Flavor: Hard Candy flavored juice.
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Flavor: Hard Candy vape juice

Hard Candy flavors absorb into your taste buds on the inhale and the flavor is so strong, so sweet, so hard you just can't put it down. Flash back to the days as a kid and your mom just got you a big bag of hard candies from the store. You fill you pocket with them and every so often you throw a few of them in your mouth. Now come back to being an adult, you love good flavors,and vaping, so naturally you come to our website and you are so excited to see we have a hard candy flavor that will fill your head with these glorious memories with every puff from your vape. On every inhale and exhale the assortment of hard candy flavors will leave your sweet tooth in the dust and your taste buds happy. 

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