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  • Favorite Vape Craft Ejuice Flavors

    Only at Vape Craft Inc will you find such a wide variety of kosher grade vape juice flavors that are made to order for your vaping convenience and are not only affordable, but they also won’t gunk up your coils, imagine that, juice that tastes good, is affordable, and won’t make you spend more money on extra hardware due to low quality products. All the flavors offered on our site use the highest quality ingredients possible to ensure that not only will your wallet be happy with our prices, but your taste buds will fall in love with our hand-crafted flavors. Below we will reveal not only which flavors are the hottest sellers, but the flavors that we here at Vape Craft Inc. love to vape every single day.

    OMG SO GOOD, like many of our original budget flavors, was crafted by our fearless leader and CEO, Daniel Pollock back in 2013. Fusing some of the most popular and exquisite dessert flavors used today, OMG SO GOOD utilizes rich and creamy dessert notes to craft one of the best dessert flavors the industry has ever seen. Savor the notes of bourbon, sweet vanilla, brown sugar and a fine custard that mixes perfectly with a New York cheesecake. Over the years many companies have tried to copy this flavor or taken elements of this formula and created a lesser juice. Don’t settle and get this all in one juice that will make you keep coming back for more. So, sit back, drip some of this ejuice and bask in the most vivid flavor notes hand crafted just for you.

    Blueberry Custard
    Blueberries are delicious, especially when mixed together with a rich and creamy vanilla custard. So, we did exactly that. Fruit/dessert lovers rejoice! We saw no need to complicate anything. After all, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? We took the best flavorings available, a kosher VG grade base, and the best nicotine salts (if you choose this with a nicotine level above 0mg) and created another flavor that is worthy to be “ADV” status. We enjoy mixing this with other complimentary flavors like mama’s muffins and know that we want to make the best possible flavors possible to ensure that whatever you get from us is up to our standard and can be enjoyed to the very last drop. Enjoy the freshest blueberries and creamy custards with our version of blueberry custard juice.

    Strawberry Milk
    Almost every vape juice company that you visit will have their own version of a strawberry milk flavor, understandably as it is incredibly popular, and the simplicity of the flavors make it a great flavor to enjoy throughout the day without having to worry about how others may dislike the aromas. As one of our original flavors and tweaked throughout the years to keep the quality as high as possible for you to enjoy we can say that strawberry milk is one of the staff’s favorite picks each month and with thousands of orders every month, is one of our customers favorite juices as well. Don’t be disappointed with lesser versions of strawberry milk eliquid and get yours hand crafted by us and enjoy this replica of the real things.

    Best Vape Flavors
    These vape liquids are curated and selected due to their delicious flavor notes that wont gunk up your coils, have great longevity in your devices, and turn heads with the incredible aromas that the vapor will provide. Get your Vape Craft juices today and see why people all over the world turn to us for all their vaping needs.

  • FDA Ingredient Listing Submission Deadline Extension


    As of November 8th, 2017, the FDA has officially extended the listing deadline by six months. This means that all large-scale manufacturers have until the May 8th, 2018 deadline to submit their ingredients list (if they haven’t already) and the smaller manufacturers have a new deadline of November 8th, 2018 to submit their ingredients list.

    If the FDA somehow affects your ability to get the brands/flavors of vape juice you like, you may want to look into our diy e juice kits so that you can make your own vape juice.

    Here is a snippet of the email recently sent by the FDA.

    “FDA is extending the compliance deadline to submit ingredient listings for deemed tobacco products by six months due to technical issues users encountered with eSubmitter. FDA is extending this compliance deadline to provide manufacturers with additional time to submit the ingredient listing information required under Section 905 of the FD&C Act. “

    Of course, with prior regulations the article goes on to state that any new tobacco products that have entered the market after August 8th of 2016 must submit their ingredient information at least 90 days prior to releasing the product to the market.

    As many of us know, this can be a very time-consuming process so we strongly encourage any manufacturer big or small who has not already submitted their lists of ingredients to get started now and avoid a headache later. We will continue to provide updated information on FDA regulation deadlines here as they develop. We suggest that you follow groups such as VTA as they are industry leaders in providing our industry with up-to-date reliable information, and they help dispel any misinformation about vaping products and ensure that our industry is not only competitive and open, but they also advocate on a local and national level to fight for our rights to vape.

    For more information the FDA recommends anyone with questions on this process to email for more information.

    -Vape Craft Inc.

  • Your Pet & The Hazards of Nicotine

    Nicotine & Pet Safety:

    All The Info You Need…

    If you’re like me, your animal companion is apart of your family, and sometimes our habits and addictions can affect our pets in ways we never bothered to think about. For some of us, our addiction to smoking (or any other form of nicotine consumption) can be one of the most dangerous hazards our pets face. From dogs and cats, to guinea pigs, fish, and ferrets we’ll cover the hazards, the effects of nicotine poisoning, and the best ways to keep our furry family members safe!

    Hazards/Types of Nicotine

    While nicotine may be the main substance that can harm our pets, it’s delivered in many different ways. In this article we will go through most (if not all) of the ways nicotine can be delivered, how they can endanger your pet(s), and the best ways to avoid having your pets come into contact with potential hazards.

    Symptoms To Look Out For

    As with most cases of poisoning, there are symptoms to look out for. These include, but are not limited to: vomiting, diarrhea, tremors/trembling, drooling/hypersalivation, constricted pupils, frantic or odd behavior, seizures, and unfortunately death (1).

    Below you will learn about the various forms of nicotine delivery and how they’re harmful to your pet, as well as what you should keep in mind to keep your companion safe if they are to be around these substances.

    Chewing Tobacco, Snuff, & Snus
    Chewing tobacco (and its various forms) can be very harmful to pets, not just because it carries nicotine, but because it can be scented/flavored, making it seem much more palatable. Because of this, your pets can end up consuming quite a bit in a short amount of time, which adds to the danger of nicotine poisoning. Many people think inducing vomiting is the best way to go, but in most situations, it is not, and can carry more risks (but more on that later). For now, the best thing to do, for most of these situations, is to seek professional help from a licensed veterinarian ASAP, or call (888) 426-4435 ASPCA-Animal Poison Control
    Shisha/Sheesha Tobacco
    Also known as Mu‘assel, Shisha tobacco can be very harmful to your pets. Like some chewing tobacco, shisha tobacco is flavored/scented with a syrupy blend of molasses and vegetable glycerin, which makes it taste sweet. Some flavors can add an extra level of toxicity, like grape. Also, because shisha is syrupy, you have to be careful not to spill or leave spills where your pet can get to it, due to possible consumption. Of course, if you suspect your pet has consumed any at all, please seek help from a vet immediately.
    Dissolvable Tobacco
    Compared to conventional cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and shisha, dissolvable tobacco is a relatively new form of smokeless tobacco, and can unfortunately be just as, if not more dangerous, than other forms of tobacco. Dissolvable tobacco comes in different strengths, in the form of “pellets”, ranging from 1 milligram of nicotine, to 4+ per pellet. Since the toxic dose of nicotine is ½-1 milligram per pound (for dogs) a small dog wouldn’t need to get ahold of many of these to have a bad fur day… Make sure to always have them in child safe bottles and keep them out of reach.
    NRT's (Nicotine Replacement Therapies)

    NRT’s covers a wide range of products used to help people quit smoking by curving their nicotine cravings and/or helping with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. The NRT’s we’ll cover are Patches, Gum, Nasal/mouth Sprays, Inhalers, and Lozenges. So, let’s go over the patch. The patch can come in different strengths of nicotine, ranging anywhere from 8 – 113 mg of nicotine. Extra care should be taken when storing nicotine patches because of their nicotine strength. It wouldn’t take very many to poison even a rather large dog. Luckily, most NRT’s (besides gum) aren’t flavored or scented, so most pets probably wouldn’t bother with them, but it does still happen, which brings me to the next NRT, gum.

    Nicotine gum is the highest risk NRT you can have around your pets. Most nicotine gum is flavored and expels a minty aroma. Not to mention it’s usually sweetened with an artificial sweetener known as xylitol, which is incredibly poisonous to dogs. They usually come in 2 mg and 4 mg strengths, meaning even just one piece of nicotine gum can seriously harm (or kill) your pet. Common practice is to leave the gum in a purse or on a kitchen counter, but that can be where most accidents take place. Take extra precautions and be mindful of  keeping your gum in a place where your pet can’t gain access.

    Nasal sprays are another NRT that aren’t flavored or scented, but with how toxic they are, if your pet gets a hold of even a little then it may become a disastrous situation. Usually one dose (one spray) is 1 mg of nicotine, and these sprays can hold 80+ doses. The same can be said about Mouth Sprays, only these ARE flavored and scented, so your pet might be more interested. You should take extra care to keep mouth sprays away from your pets.

    Nicotine lozenges -- like gum -- can be another dangerous NRT to your pets, mainly because of their nicotine strength, and the fact that they are flavored. They usually come in 2 mg and 4 mg nicotine strengths, and an assortment of flavors. Most come in plastic tubes with easy to open “child safety” screw tops. Please ensure that your containers are secured and not left in an easily reached area.

    Last but not least, we have Inhalers. Inhalers are the only NRT on this list that are by prescription only. While these usually use cartridges (which you might think is safe) the cartridges are made of thick plastic, and the liquid inside can hold around 10 mg of nicotine. It’s not often pets get ahold of one of these cartridges, but it does happen, so be aware.

    Kreteks (Cloves)
    Kreteks (also known as clove cigarettes) are cigarettes made with tobacco, cloves, and a slew of other flavors. They are also sprayed with sweetener from time to time, so that can make them extra enticing to your pet. They can also be mixed with certain spices that are harmful to your pets, (mainly nutmeg, as nutmeg is very toxic to dogs). So, make no mistake, even if it seems silly that your pet would eat a whole clove cigarette, it can happen, and if it does, it can be fatal.
    Pipe Tobacco/Loose Leaf
    Pipe Tobacco (also known as loose leaf tobacco) is somewhat of an enigma when it comes to the nicotine content. Usually pipe tobacco touts that it has less nicotine than conventional cigarettes, however the amount ranges greatly. Some loose leaf tobacco can have very little nicotine, while others can have quite a bit, so the best rule of thumb, as always, is don’t leave it where your pets can find it. Loose leaf tobacco is usually flavored, has a sweet odor, and is kept in bags very easy for say, a dog, to tear open and get into. While I personally can’t see a cat wanting to rip into a bag of pipe tobacco, I can see a dog, ferret, or even guinea pigs getting into it. So, keep your pet safe and out of reach of these products.
    Ejuice/Eliquid Vaping
    E-juice, E-Liquid, or Vape Juice, is the main component for Vaping. The problem with ejuice and your pets comes from its ingredients. Usually e juice is a blend of vegetable glycerin(VG), propylene glycol(PG), flavoring, and nicotine. Other than the nicotine (which we know is harmful) there’s also the PG, which is harmful to cats, and the flavorings, (which depending on which ones are used, can be toxic). Also, we should take a minute to look at e-juice in its entirety. Besides ejuice coming in an assortment of flavors, it also comes in an assortment of nicotine strengths and ratios of VG to PG. While you might think ejuice with 0 mg of nicotine wouldn’t cause too much of a problem, it can be very poisonous to your cat if it’s a blend that’s heavy on the PG. Now you might ask yourself, “what if I use an all VG blend with no nicotine?”, well, now it comes down to the flavoring being used, because flavors like grape or nutmeg can be very toxic to your dog. Vape liquid should always come in child safety containers, but even child safety caps won’t stop a determined pet. Since most bottles of ejuice are plastic, most pets can puncture it with their teeth. With vaping also comes the dangers that come with your mod, like a leaking tank full of ejuice; or say your dog was chewing on your PV(Personal Vaporizer), and caused a short. It’s safe to say that you should always keep your eliquid and vaping accessories away from your pets at all times. You never know when your pet might take an interest in the thing you’re putting up to your mouth all the time.
    Second Hand Smoke/Vapor
    Many people don’t think about it but our pets suffer from second hand smoke much in the same way we do (some animals much worse). You have to take into consideration their smaller size, their respiratory system, allergies… there’s a lot of information people should consider before smoking in front of their pets. Dog breeds that already have problems breathing include, but are not limited to, pugs, boxers, chihuahuas, bulldogs, shih tzus, and more. Some might consider vaping a safer choice, but since you’re dealing with chemicals besides nicotine that can cause problems for your pets (like PG and certain flavorings), it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to fill up your living room with vapor clouds. Second hand smoke has even been found to affect fish, with the chemicals from the smoke clinging to the water. Whatever you do, just don’t blow smoke/vapor in your pets face. It’s mean and can have a negative effect on their health.
    Thirdhand Smoke/Vapor
    First, you might be asking yourself “what the heck is thirdhand smoke?”, and that’s a very good question. Thirdhand smoke is when residual nicotine ends up on surfaces, and since dogs, cats, heck even babies, lick up and put things in their mouth they’re not suppose to, it’s easy for them to fall victim to thirdhand smoke/vapor. One of the biggest culprits of thirdhand smoke comes in form of dogs eating cigarette butts, which can cause all sorts of health issues, from intestinal blockage, to nicotine poisoning, and all sorts of disorders in between. Thirdhand smoke is a relatively new concept, and studies are still being done. Suffice it to say, if you’re going to smoke or vape in your home, try your best to keep all your surfaces clean (including couches, kitchen counters, bathroom floors, etc…) and put your butts in the trash!
    Making Your Pet Vomit (don't do it, unless...)
    Try to avoid making your pet vomit. There are only a few methods we can use at home to induce vomiting, and all carry some form of risk, some more fatal than others, and in some cases, more fatal than the reason for inducing vomiting. In these situations, only induce vomiting if there is no hope of reaching a vet in time. (2)
    We hope this article opened some eyes and really helped put into perspective how our nicotine addictions can affect our pets in ways we might not have ever thought about. I know that if I ever found out I hurt my pet, even without realizing or doing it on purpose, it would hurt and devastate me, and I’d like to think I’m not the only one. So, live your lives, be safe, and make sure your habits don’t cause your pets grief.


    (1) Medicine, Center for Veterinary. “Be Smoke-Free and Help Your Pets Live Longer, Healthier Lives.” U S Food and Drug Administration Home Page, Center for Veterinary Medicine, 22 Sept. 2016,

    (2) Barchas, Dr. Eric. “Is It Safe to Make My Dog Vomit at Home When He Ingests Toxins?” Dogster, Dr. Eric Barchas, 11 Nov. 2015,

    (3) Brooks, Wendy C. “Nicotine Poisoning in Pets.” >Nicotine Poisoning in Pets - - a VIN Company!, Veterinary Partner, 23 July 2004,

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  • Visual Vape Glossary

    Vaping Terms, Vaporizing Terminology & Glossary

    New to vaping? A veteran looking for some new (or old) terminology?
    Look no further, because you’ve found Vape Craft Inc’s Visual Vaping Dictionary!
    Here we have 150+ terms that should help you familiarize yourself with the terms and lingo that are used every day in the world of vaping.
    We’ve also added visual aids to help you better understand the term (or confuse you, we don’t know yet, this is kind of new…)
    Know a term and don’t see it on the list? Leave a comment and we’ll add it (unless it's gross or vulgar, then we’ll just appreciate it from afar)

    A Mod
    A personal vaporizer
    The on/off button on a mechmod
    A connector that allows a head with a given thread connector system to fit on to a body (battery holder) with a different connector
    You guessed it, an e-juice so good you can vape it all day long.
    ADV, all-day vape
    Advanced Personal Vaporizer
    Also referred to as mods (or modified e-cigs), these units are larger, have replaceable batteries, and can either be mechanical, variable voltage, or variable wattage.
    Association of American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards
    E-juice vapor is best described as an aerosol, because it's made up of micro droplets
    Adjusts your air-to-ejuice ratio
    AFC-Air Flow Control
    Allen Key/Wrench
    A tool used to open mods or tighten screws in atomizers
    The term for cigarettes used by vapers
    Anhydrous Glycerin
    Glycerine with no measurable water content.
    Glycerine with significant water content
    Aqueous Glycerin
    Ass Juice
    The opposite of an ADV (All Day Vape), garbage e-juice
    (Atty) - The key in producing the vapor that you inhale. It’s a core with metal wire wrapped around it and when the battery is activated, the atomizer vaporizes the juice that’s on the wick, producing vapor.
    A special style of electronic cigarette(ecig)/vaporizer battery that when the user draws (inhales) on the mouthpiece, a sensor within the atomizer is activated by changing air pressure.
    A common safety feature found on personal vaporizers that only allows the discharge of a battery for a set period of time.
    Automatic Shutoff
    It provides power to the heating element that turns the e juice into vapor
    Auto batteries normally have a time limit on their operation cycle, to prevent pocket operation (Thermal Runaway) and burnout.
    Battery Cutoff
    A term used for the wadding or filler in the cartridges used in the old 3-piece mini ecig systems
    Bottom Coil Clearomiser
    Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser
    A bonut is a stainless pipe screen, rolled it into a thin tube about 2mm thick, then bent, forming it into a ring (more of a horseshoe shape really). A pipescreen is an 18mm diameter circular piece of stainless steel woven threaded mesh
    Brick and Mortar (B&M)
    A physical store where you can buy vaping related products.
    Box Mods
    box mods
    A group of vapers that prefer boxmods
    The process of leaving an e-liquid open to the air so that any alcohol can evaporate off. Can mellow some flavors.
    The wire mesh arch that is positioned above the heater coil in a regular atomiser
    Slang for big tobacco companies.
    Slang for a traditional cigarette/cigar
    Short for Bottom Vertical Coils
    Any chemical, compound, or substance thought to cause cancer.
    The silicone plastic endcap placed over the ends of a new carto before sale to stop leakage and keep the product fresh.
    Carto Condom
    Cartomizer (Clearo)
    A combined atomizer and cartridge that contains both the heating element and the liquid reservoir
    A plastic or covered metal mouthpiece that is usually stuffed with some sort of absorbent filler material that holds e-juice.
    Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association
    Battery charger that replenishes a discharged ecig battery
    Crown llOriginal Uwell Crown 2 Sub-ohm Tank Atomizer Clearomizer Crown llOriginal Uwell Crown 2 Sub-ohm Tank Atomizer Clearomizer
    The central air channel up through a clearo or tank
    A wide-bore driptip used for high-volume deep inhales of vapor for cloud-chasing
    cigalike cig-alike
    Cigalike, Cig-Alike
    Resembles a tobacco cigarette
    A device that provides benefits without drawbacks
    Clean Nicotine Delivery System
    Clearomizer, Clearo
    A transparent version of a cartomizer, designed to let users know how much e liquid they have left.
    Vapers who try to blow the largest vape clouds possible
    The vapor that is exhaled when using electronic cigarettes is referred to as clouds.
    It wraps around the wick/cotton to take the juice on the wick, vaporize it, and produce vapor for you to inhale.
    Coil Jig
    A device that makes rebuilding your own coils much easier
    Very many, ranging from the size, how many, the material, and the way it's braided.
    Coil Types
    coil types
    Coil Winder
    Coil Winder
    A tool used to wrap perfect coils every time
    A new threading being implemented by some companies to better secure their atomizers to the batteries.
    Cone Threads
    This is the threaded piece that allows you to screw into an atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer.
    The replaceable cartridge in a tank system that contains the atomizer and wick
    Tanks that use plastic window material are subject to cracking and leakage due to attack from citric acid and other components in e-liquid.
    Dual Coil Cartomizer
    Removing the bridge (and wick) from an atomizer
    Diacetyl is a flavoring that can cause Bronchiolitis obliterans (otherwise known as Popcorn Lung) if inhaled in large concentrations. Most ejuice manufacturerers don't use it anymore
    Direct-to-Lung inhale
    Direct Inhale
    Direct-Connect Mechmod, D/C Mod
    A mechmod type that has no 510 connector at the top. The male 510 connector is screwed down into the device until it contacts the battery.
    E-cigs meant to be used then disposed of
    Term used when you make your own e-juice
    When double the amount of flavoring is used
    Drip On-Demand (DOD)
    An add on that lets you "drip" e-juice directly on your coils/cotton
    A removable mouthpiece used to block spit back of juice or adjust/add airflow
    Drip Tip
    Vaping by adding a few drops of e liquid directly into the atomizer
    Returns leaking/excess e-juice back into the atomizer
    Dry Burn/Hit
    Firing your mod with no cotton/e-juice on your coils. used to make sure your burn is even and/or to clean your coils
    An EV/PV that looks like a cigar
    An EV/PV that looks like a cigarette
    cigalike cig-alike
    Also known as "refill liquid", this is the liquid you vape
    An EV/PV that looks like a pipe
    An old term to describe vaping
    Electronic Cigarette Forum the most popular vaping based forum
    The first mid-size e-cig, invented by Janty & originally made by Joyetech
    A group formed in early 2009 made up of suppliers and manufacturers who combined resources to keep e-cigs a legal option in the USA.
    Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA)
    Electronic (electric) Vaporizer
    Filler / Filler Material
    Absorbent material used to regulate e-juice flow to the atomizer
    When too much e-juice has been added
    Flooded Cartomizer/Atomizer
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments. The FDA recently changed their stance on vaping, and pushed back the deeming regulation deadlines to 2022!
    A community with lots of information on whatever topic the forum is about
    As the technical aspects of vaping grew, every large influx resulted in a new "generation" of vape products
    FDA acronym used to ensure people that the product that they are using is safe.
    GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)
    What happens when too much juice has been added
    Han Lik
    The inventor of the modern e-cigarette
    Placing e-juice in a warm place to increase the steeping time
    Heat steeping
    Designed to dissipate heat by allowing more airflow over more surface area
    The higher the Ohm rating, the higher the resistance
    High Resistance (HR)
    Hot Spot
    Spots on the atomizer coil that cause more heat than others
    A topper and battery holder designed to fit together as a single unit
    ICR / IMR
    Lithium Ion Cobalt/Lithium Ion Manganese rechargable batteries
    Mouth-to-Lung inhaling
    Indirect Inhale
    A unit of measurement in the SI system. It is equal to the energy of passing an electric current of one ampere through a resistance of one ohm for one second.
    Iron-Chromium-Aluminium alloy
    Iron-Chromium-Aluminium alloy wire used for vaping
    Kanthal Wire
    Organic Japanese cotton
    Lithium is a chemical element with symbol Li and atomic number 3. It is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal.">
    Lizard Juice
    American e-juice company based in Florida.
    Milliamps (1/1000 of an Amp) *Also see mAh
    Large coil in size
    Macro Coil
    Milliamp Hours
    Usually refers to the strength on nicotine in an e-juice
    mg Strength
    One dekagram of table salt contains about 1 milligram of iodine.. One dekagram of table salt contains about 1 milligram of iodine..
    Milligrams (Abbreviated as mg)
    1/1000th of a gram
    The amount of liquid in a container
    Milliliters (mL)
    Mouth to lung hit
    Inhale vapor into your mouth before breathing it into your lungs
    Nichrome Wire
    Wire made of nickel, chromium, and (often) iron. Used in vaping, but considered low quality
    Low resistance pure nickle wire
    Nicotine (Nic)
    An alkaloid found in tobacco and other plants of the nightshade family (eggplant).
    Nickel metal hydride, a type of battery
    Nicotine Replacement Therapy
    Ohm (Ω)
    Measurement of electrical resistance
    Batteries linked in parallel increase their overall mAh, increasing battery life, but not voltage
    When a device can plug directly into a port for power and vape without worrying about battery life
    Pass-Through, PT
    Propylene glycol, a main ingredient of e-juice
    Pure Grain Alcohol
    Puff / Drag / Hit
    Inhaling vapor
    E juice you've had for a questionable amount of time, e-juice is good for usually about a year. Also could mean e juice that you probably shouldn't vape for moral or ethical reasons.
    Questionable Ejuice
    Rebuildable atomizer
    Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
    Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer
    Another name for a PV
    Rebuildable tank atomizer
    Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association
    Wick building material with a high melting point
    Stainless Steel
    Material used for wire building
    The basic unit of resistance is the ohm (Ω)
    Standard Resistance
    Starter Kit
    Usually everything you need to start vaping
    "Ageing" e-juice so that the flavors blend and taste better
    Stopping Point / Cutoff Point / Cutoff
    A point at which a PV will stop firing
    Thermal Runaway
    When heat leads to a failure that causes more heat... a destructive cycle
    The sensation caused by nicotine as it's inhaled against the throat.
    Throat Hit
    Titanium is a chemical element (Metal) with symbol Ti and an atomic number of 22
    Protects the ends or "tops" of your lithium batteries
    Toppin’ Off
    Filling your tank or dripper to the top, like topping off a drink
    A mod that supplies raw power to an atomizer from the battery with no circuitry, power adjustments or safety features
    Vape Vomit
    Exhaling vapor with a pained look on your face, sometimes just for fun, sometimes because you got ahold of some ass juice.
    When you take the first hit off of new cotton, in a new tank, on your favorite mod, the juice is good, and everything just aligns perfectly.
    Blake Vapes, or any obnoxious vaper. You know the type, chucking clouds while in line, blowing vapor in kids faces, vaping in no-smoking sections... yeah, you get it.
    Someone who vapes
    What you exhale when you vape
    When you vape one flavor for too long and your taste buds get used to it
    Vaper’s Tongue
    Variable Power (VP), Variable Voltage/VV, Variable Wattage (VW)
    Any mod/PV that lets you change the power settings in some way, be it voltage, wattage, amperage, ect...
    Vegetable Glycerin
    Vaping while you poop
    A strip of porous material that absorbs and funnels ejuice, silica being the most popular
    Installing a wick into an atomizer
    Creator of the Yocan Evolve Plus, their focus is on lifestyle vape pens, atomizers, ect...
    An ejuice subscription box
    Zero/No Nic
    Ejuice with no nicotine added
    18mm x 35mm Lithium Battery
    Most Popular Li-Ion Battery For PV's
    Cell size used in large-format APVs
    2-piece model has a battery and cartomizer
    The 3-piece model was the original type of mini (cigalike), and consisted of a battery, atomizer and cartridge
    A 510 threaded atomizer with low resistance.
    401, 402, and 403
    Also known as m401, m402, and m403. Specific lengths for a specific atomizer
    Most popular and common style of threading for electronic cigarettes available
    An atomizer that resembles a larger version of the 510
    Another style of electronic cigarette
    Female Threaded Atomizer, Not Compatible With 510

    So… there you have it, we hope this glossary of vape terms helped you in some way, shape, or form. And remember, if you think there’s a term we missed, let us know, and we’ll slap it up there with vooping, vape-vomit, vapehole, ass-juice… you know, all those other great, important terms… We hope you've enjoyed Vape Craft Inc's Visual Vaping Dictionary.

  • Which MOD Type: Regulated or Unregulated?

    Which MOD Type Regulated or Unregulated

    When you’re deciding on your MOD setup, it’s easy to get bogged down in the terminology. From battery power and digital display option to variable voltage, customization options, and anything else you can imagine, the knowledge you must gain when researching is huge. One of the terms you’ll probably come across a lot is that of regulated and unregulated MODs.

    To understand the benefits and differences between regulated and unregulated MODs, we first have to understand exactly what each of these terms actually means. A regulated MOD is any MOD setup that includes a circuit board specifically set up to regulate current. With this internal circuitry, the MOD is able to keep newer vapers from overloading or overheating the battery. Lots of these regulated MODs also include a built in voltage and ohm reader, to ensure that new MOD builders are getting the correct ohm readings from their coils.

    On the other hand, unregulated MODs don't have this internal circuitry. To create a circuit, unregulated MODs have a cap that must be pressed to allow current to flow. Though this may seem very basic, not having the internal circuitry means there is no safety mechanism to keep you from overheating your battery. There’s also no safety from atomizers shorting, meaning unregulated MODs are more dangerous for the uninitiated. This doesn’t mean unregulated MODs are worse, though! Regulated and unregulated MODs both have upsides specific to them.

    Regulated MODs are significantly better choices for newer vapers, as there are more safety checks for potentially dangerous electrical currents. Since current and voltage is regulated, the battery life on regulated MODs is usually significantly longer. Because voltage is regulated, there's no chance of pulling with an extremely high voltage that could potentially drain the battery quickly. Furthermore, regulated MODs usually come equipped with a digital display that is extremely useful for noting voltage, wattage, battery charge, and ohms.

    Unregulated MODs do not come equipped with all this fancy machinery. They make up for this lack of so-called modern technology with unparalleled power. With no voltage restrictions, unregulated MODs are able to increase voltage and wattage output significantly. More-so, the unregulated varieties of MODs are able to utilize lower ohm coil use, since they can use significantly more power than regulated MODs could. These MODs are also far more customizable, since the wiring inside does not all have to run through an internal circuit board.

    In essence, choosing the right MOD for you comes down to your experience level and how comfortable you are with vaping with high levels of electricity. Making the right choice is essential, as choosing an unregulated MOD without the proper level of vaping experience could result in some critical mishaps occurring. If you’re a seasoned vaper who is ready to take that next step into the extremely powerful and complex world of unregulated Modding, then go for it. However, if you’re a more relaxed experienced vaper who doesn’t particularly want to be on alert during vaping sessions or if you’re a new modder, then a regulated MOD is definitely what you should aim for. Either way, MODs are the most powerful devices on the market today. Your vaping experience will be changed forever once you make your decision.

  • The Vaping Selfie Has Come Alive

    The Vaping Selfie Has Come Alive

    The new generation of vapers have picked up on a new trend, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down. Vaping selfies, pictures in which vapers do anything from show off their tricks or customized vapes to post inspirational vaping messages, are taking over the Internet. Why are vaping selfies becoming so popular? Keeping reading on to find out.

    To understand why vaping selfies are becoming more and more common, it’s best to first understand what the meaning behind these selfies really is. It turns out that these pictures aren’t just for showing off, and there's a usually a deeper connection lying inside the snapshot.

    One of the more common meanings in these vaping selfies is an inspirational message conveying the fact that the picture taker is in the process of or has already overcome traditional cigarette smoking. By posting a somewhat showy photo, the poster intends to catch the eye of whomever scrolls past. Usually captioned with a heartfelt wall of text, stating how long he or she has stopped smoking and how much better he or she feels, these vaping selfies about overcoming cigarettes are sending an overwhelmingly positive message about vaping and health.

    Another slightly more showboating message lies in the cloud pictures. People who post these absolute love to show off their massive clouds of vapor, and love the attention these pictures get. You’ll see just how much people like these pictures if you click on any of the related hashtags, like #clouds or #cloudchasing. These pictures, while not as inspirational, are certainly just as eye-catching. By making some non-vapers stop and look at the pictures, these cloud chasers are bringing extra awareness to the hobby and potentially to the sport. Of course, the most prominent of all the vaping selfies is the type that shows off your setup. These pictures are sure to gather the attention of friends and family, especially if the kit looks futuristic and shiny.

    These selfies are becoming more popular due to the sheer amount of social media presence the pictures generate. Everyone likes to see the number of hearts, re-blogs, re-tweets, and Likes climbing quickly, and sharing vaping selfies is one of the quickest ways to do that - especially if your friend group also vapes. Though the reasoning behind the pictures may seem shallow, vaping selfies at heart represent a new generation, a generation that does not consider vaping a freakish hobby. It represents a group of people who truly believe in what they do, and that what they do should be shared with the world.

  • E-Liquids - Cool and Dark Places To Store Them

    E-Liquids - Cool and Dark Places To Store Them

    If you want to keep your e-liquids for a long period of time, simply keeping them out in the open won’t work. The liquids will lose their flavor over time and become bland, and you’ll have to spend the money to buy new flavors. However, you can keep that from happening by storing your e-liquids in cool and dark places. Why would this work? To understand the reasoning behind storing e-liquids in cool, dark places we should first look at how e-liquids are made and how their flavors are kept in the liquid.

    Flavors are made of the molecules that create flavors. Different flavor molecules are different sizes and weights, which means they act differently under the same circumstances. Larger and heavier molecules are not volatile, meaning they won't escape the bottle upon opening to the air. On the flip side, the lighter and smaller molecules of certain flavors will easily escape when the bottle is opened. Tendency to escape in gas form is known as volatility. What types of flavors have the different properties? The most common ones that show tendencies of large and non-volatile molecules are vanilla and caramel based flavors. These flavors will not lose flavor over time even if opened quite a bit. Fruity flavors and sweet flavors will tend to be more volatile.

    Molecule volatility is effected by certain environmental conditions. The two primary conditions that change how molecules act are light and heat. Exposure to light will excite molecules, making them significantly more volatile. This also applies to heat - think of water over heat. The boiling reaction that occurs is due to the heat exciting the water molecules. Though you probably aren’t boiling your e-liquids (we certainly hope you aren’t), even small modulations in heat can create changes in volatility. Therefore, exposing frequently opened e-liquids to light and heat is probably a bad idea if you want to retain flavors. Keeping those e-liquids in cool and dark spaces when you aren’t using them will help the flavors stay calm and settled in the bottle.

    However, one cool and dark place that you shouldn't keep them is the one place you probably thought of when this article started. The refrigerator is one of the worse places you can store an e-liquid. Though keeping e-liquids in the fridge for short periods of time is fine, long-term storage will cause flavors to disappear over time. Flavor molecules, as well as sometimes being volatile, have a tendency to bond to each other over time. This process is called 're-crystallization', and will cause all of the flavor to fall out of the liquid and into the crystals. When e-liquids are stored in the fridge, this process is significantly more likely to happen. Furthermore, condensation may occur inside the bottles when they are in the fridge. By taking a bottle with liquid in it from room temperature and placing it into the fridge, there is a much higher chance that condensation will form both inside and outside the bottle. Condensation will both water down the liquid and promote the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

    Storing your e-liquid in a cold and dark space is a great idea if you want to keep it for a long period of time. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge, and you will be golden to keep that e-liquid tasty and fresh for months on end!

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