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Oasis Cooler

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Flavor: Exact replica for your favorite tropical soda.
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Flavor: A sweet and refreshing pineapple orange citrus soda just like your favorite cactus cooling drink, only in ejuice form

Phew the desert can be a rough place with the brutal sun beating down on your neck all day and the dehydration that comes along with it. But aha wait you remember that you brought your refreshing Oasis Cooler Vape Juice from Vape Craft inc. While it won't re hydrate you it will give you that a refreshing orange & pineapple citrus soda taste to enjoy while you focus on the real issue at hand...finding Shelter and water! This flavor tastes just like your favorite cactus soda. Get this remarkably delicious and spot on soda eliquid directly from your friends here at Vape Craft. We love serving you tasty and refreshing juice for your vaping pleasure and look forward to serving you more creative blends in the future. Skip the line at the grocery store and get your favorite soda in the convenience of your favorite tank or mod, delivered right to your door.

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