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See what people are saying about us

on 11/4/2016

okay far and above one of the best fruit flavors it makes you want to swallow a bite of what you think you are eating
on 3/9/2016

cant wait to oder
this sounds so good i cant wait till i place a new order to get a sample bottle been watching this to see if someone reviews it that has tried it
on 2/7/2018

Affordable Coils
The V8 baby-M2 coils are the best ones for my tank cuz they last the longest for my vaping needs plus they are affordable.
on 10/23/2017

Sweet and smooth flavoring
Love this sweet flavoring..mixes real well with the mean mocha eliquid..tastes like a cup of hot chocolate..
on 1/20/2017

very good
very very nice smooth vape definitely buying it again
on 2/24/2017

This is a wonderful tank, awesome flavour and the coils last a long time, even with real sugary juices.
on 1/27/2016

Great juice!!
This by far is the best juice I have tried so far. Just got my second order and trying fruity rings. Can't wait to get some more!
Vaping Crimson
on 12/13/2017

Tropical Paradise
A delicious tropical vape where pineapple, coconut and cream are the star attractions. Very smooth withe a sweet pineapple inhale and creamy coconut exhale.
on 2/23/2016

Best RedEnergy juice I've had
Ive tried a few RedBull flavored juice, this one is amazing in comparison its not over powering at all, i did add a little PG just because VCI only has 70/30 mixes and the PG adds that little bit of extra flavoring, but other than that this is a definite go to juice and i will be reordering it!
on 10/18/2016

This juice is good. I like the taste a lot. I wish it were slightly cheaper though.
on 8/15/2017

Great all day flavor
This is a must have if you are making your own juice, very refreshing, smooth and overall enjoyable.
on 9/26/2017

Nifty little holder for no additional bulk in your pocket!
on 1/29/2016

Absolutely amazing...the best muffins ive ever had
on 10/17/2016

Rum apple cider
Reminds me of spiced rum apple cider. Very delicious and very easily an ADV for me. If I had one gripe, it would be not enough rum flavor.
on 4/20/2018

Really good, works well, and good price for what you get
on 8/7/2017

Great value
Very good flavor definitely sweet it was exactly what I was hoping for
on 3/27/2017

Delicious and well worth the experience!
My aim is to try all the wonderful flavours of Vapors Anonymous! Just a tip, why not consider selling these in nice 200ml plastic feeder bottles! :D
on 1/16/2017

To Thy oneself be true
Probably one of the best battery cases I have bought in a while authentic.... I will be ordering another one
on 10/23/2017

Spot on..strong peanut butter
Spot on..mixed it with the mean mocha and it tasted like a Reese's cup..wonderful vape with coffee
on 3/9/2016

good smooth all day vape for me
A friend let me try this, now I have to have my own.
on 10/25/2016

Great juice
Amazing product, great vapor production, overall amazing.
on 12/13/2016

this is my favorite juice from the company. you get exactly what they describe it as.
on 8/16/2017

Very happy with it
It's just perfect. Great price, blows huge clouds, easy to fill. The button and tank colors change to whatever you want - white, blue, green, red, and purple. I have used box mods for 2 yrs and they never last, so I bought this one in an emergency. I'm going to get another for backup.
Vaping Crimson
on 12/13/2017

Sweet lemon bar with just the right amount of citrus notes.
This is a deliciously smooth vape with hints of lemon and creamy sweetness that work really well together. Not overpowering like some citrus blends. I enjoyed vaping this for hours.
on 9/26/2017

Got what I expected
Exactly what you'd think! Great for cutting down nicotine levels, reducing harshness of throat hits or making your own juice!
Vape God
on 4/14/2017

Worth the price, tastes good.
Tastes like what the title says. Very good with caramel.
on 6/12/2018

Great flavor combo.
If like peach and champagne, this is a have too get. This flavor is absolutely delicious.
on 3/12/2018

It's Great
I truly love this flavor, the only thing I would have loved to be in it which I was told was at first is a delicious chocolate rather than a vanilla cheesecake with bourbon. BUT IT WORKS ALL IS WELL I LOVE IT DON'T KILL ME.
on 8/25/2018

New fav
It has a taste that reminds me of Levi Garrett chewing tobacco. Beech-nut with a hint of dried tobacco leaf (cigar wrapper)
on 8/29/2017

Great juice!
Incredible taste, great flavor. I could vape it all day long.

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