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Not Yo Mama's Mint - By: High Class Vape Co

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Flavor: A Peppermint Chocolate Vape Juice.
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Flavor: Peppermint Chocolate Candy vape juice

Inspired by travelling the swiss alps, Not Yo Mamas Mint infuses the richest dark chocolate with the delightful taste of peppermint making this eliquid the perfect year round vape. Enjoy this during the holidays and make your room smell delightfully cheerful or during a hot summer day, enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate infused mint to give you a full bodied vaping experience to go along with your summertime escapades.There is a great deal of people who vape that want a minty flavored juice, as well as a portion of people who really like chocolate vapes. This flavor will be a satisfying medium both vapers cravings by using just enough of each to create a well rounded e liquid. Looking for something to be an exact replica of those peppermint chocolates that you love so much? Try this High Class flavor

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