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  • Get Your Head in The Clouds

    Get Your Head in The Clouds

    I'm no psychic, but if you're reading this, chances are you're trying to figure out how to get massive clouds without damaging your MOD. If I'm right, which I am, then you're in luck! What I'm about to explain will blow your mind, not your MOD, and help you to make the biggest clouds you've ever seen.

    In an attempt to create those sought-after clouds, many vapers turn to a method known as “sub-ohm vaping.” Sub-ohm vaping is a process that pushes the limits of your battery. When you do this, it can cause the power load to exceed its limitations. This may cause the device to melt, overheat, or even explode. Sub-ohm vaping is dangerous and should never be attempted, but fear not; I'm going to give you three methods to creating those giant clouds we all know and love, without the risk of explosion.

    The first method is purchasing an e-liquid using high percentages of vegetable glycerin (VG). VG captures moisture from the air, creating those monumental vapor plumes. The more VG your e-juice has, the larger the clouds you'll produce. The issue with this method is the more VG you use, the more diluted your flavor will become.

    The next method is to use low ohm coils. Using a device with lower ohm coils is a quick and easy way to increase your vapor production. Lower ohm coils have less resistance, which causes them to become hotter in less time. This process will allow the e-liquid to burn faster, producing more vapor output. However, you'll run through your e-liquid much faster than usual.

    The final method involves reducing your nicotine strength. Many cloud chasers prefer not to use nicotine for this very purpose. Lowering the nicotine level to about 0.6% can help achieve larger clouds through a process referred to as “direct pulling.” Direct pulling is the process of inhaling directly from the mouthpiece of the device, allowing higher amounts of vapor to be inhaled. This method is highly effective in achieving larger clouds.

    Whether you choose to purchase an e-juice with a high VG percentage, purchase lower ohm coils, reduce your nicotine levels, or even chose to do all three at once, just take into consideration the pros and cons to each method and choose what's right for you. Before you know it, you'll be making clouds so large, you'll have your own atmosphere!

  • Vaping Practice. Yes We're Talking About Practice!

    Vaping Practice Yes We're Talking About Practice

    Practice makes perfect. This is true for all arts including vaping. Whether you're a beginner starting out with your first disposable e-cigarette or a more traditional e-cigarette, then moving on up to a vaporizer, professional practicing is always essential. When it comes to do this with new MODs or tanks and atomizers, temperature adjustments and even different batteries, this means new vaping techniques to practice, evolve, and add to your vaping experience.

    If you're a smoker new to vaping, you may find that it doesn't feel the same and doesn't provide the same sensation as smoking does. It's a different experience because you're inhaling vapor not smoke. If you're coughing or experiencing a burning sensation down the back of your throat and lungs this is why. If this is happening, rehearse different drawing techniques. Instead of taking a quick, hard, sucking draw as you would with a cigarette, try taking a long, slow, and soft draw in the same way you would take a breath through your mouth. Also, when you draw the vapor into your mouth, hold it there for a second and then inhale it.

    Once you've experience with vaping, you can start implementing with new options for your device or move on up to an upgraded e-cigarette or even a vaporizer. So for instance, if you're using a tank and atomizer, you can practice your techniques using different tank styles and atomizers. This'll provide different wicking methods, alternative loading options either top load or bottom load, and different disbursements of heat. This'll affect how much e-juice is flowing through the device per draw, the taste and feel of your vape experience. Practice is even recommended when you change your battery because that too can alter your experience.

    If you're a vaping professional, you've probably jumped into the excitement of MODs. These awesome devices can provide a whole new experience when it comes to vaping and the tweaks available are endless. Every time you change your MOD, you should spend time practicing before making further changes. This'll allow time to adapt your techniques to your change. Also, remember to practice cleaning your device to ensure the best experience.

    Practice is always essential regardless of your level of experience. It'll improve your experience and lessen your costs. Your device, regardless of which one you'll using,  will receive less wear and tear and experience less e-liquid waste with practice as you learn to utilize your vape efficiently. Last but not least, practicing when it comes to vaping is just plain fun!

  • Altitude Changes Means Vaping Experience Changes

    altitude vaping

    High altitude vaping is certainly possible, but it takes some getting used to. It requires the same patience and practice that cooking does in high mountains but once you get used to it, life at the top of the world is hard to beat. You can bring papers and a lighter if you want to, but give mountain vaping a fair chance before you light up.

    Vaping at the summit of Mt. Rainier wouldn’t be dangerous, but it'd be a little more work than standing at sea level with your toes in the sand. The further up you go, the harder it gets to produce the kind of thick vapor clouds serious vapers appreciate. Higher altitudes not only cause changes in air pressure, it also means less oxygen, and both are going to affect vaping. Air pressure affects vaping by forcing air into the tank which leads to less than satisfying, thin vapor clouds. Add to that the possibility of altitude sickness, and it could be a couple of days before you feel normal enough to enjoy a good vaping session. Hang in there, let your body acclimate to its new surroundings, and soon you’ll be vaping as usual, enjoying every hit as if you were still on flat ground. It’s all in what a person is used to, so if you’re thinking of a trip to the mountains plan on the differences in vaping and bear in mind, the longer you stay, the less difference it will make.

    Altitude affects more than just the physical sensations of vaping, it can really mess with your equipment as well. As pressure forces air into a tank, it’s squeezing the e-liquid out. Cleaning up a sticky mess is one thing, but when you get up in the high country, re-supply of a wasted product could be a major pain when the dispensary is miles away. The simplest solution to this problem is don’t fill the vape until you’re ready to use it. There are several vapes out there that claim to have leak-proof tanks for high altitudes, and maybe they do, but the best advice is still just to travel empty. Pre-filling may work in the lowlands, but if you’re heading for altitude think twice or at least bring along plenty of extra liquid to replace what leaks out before you get there. Vape supplies aren’t free after all, and most that are worth buying aren’t cheap, so why chance it? Putting everything into a plastic bag might contain the mess but you still end up with an empty tank.

    Some would call mountain vaping a magical experience, and they’d be right, but not if you sit down with a dry tank. Life in the mountains is worth whatever adjustments you need to make it work, and that includes changes in vaping. Practice a little patience and it'll be rewarded many times over by the awesome feeling of vaping as nature puts on a live show for you.

  • Adjust Your Vape Flavor with the Changing Season

    Springtime vaping

    As the weather shifts from icy cold winter to warmer spring temperatures, you might feel the need to switch your e-liquid flavors from rich and savory tastes to lighter, more sweet ones. Changing your e-juice flavors with the seasons is a great way to try new flavors and keep your vaping experience fresh. With that said, we've come up with 3 awesome flavors that'll be perfect for the emerging springtime weather.

    Springtime Flavor #3: Rich Tobacco

    Our Rich Tobacco is the perfect transitional flavor to take you from the frigid winter weather into the warmer springtime months. This e-liquid has a real, full-flavored tobacco taste that has a bold, warm, rich flavor with a hint of sweet caramel. It has the perfect blend of savory and honeyed notes to make you feel like you're relaxing in a rocking chair on a cool spring evening.

    Springtime Flavor #2: Yogurtize Me

    This is one of our most interesting flavors that mixes the taste of creamy Greek yogurt with a fruity blend of strawberries and blueberries. Yogurtize Me has a sweet flavor profile that's not overly sugary. The smooth yogurt taste boasts a hint of tartness that rounds out this yummy e-juice. This nice, creamy yogurt flavor mixed with berries will be the perfect addition to your springtime transition.

    Springtime Flavor #1: Blue Banana

    This is a fantastically fruity flavor that'll satisfy your sweet tooth. Want to feel like you're eating a box of fruity candy? If so, this is your go-to-choice. Blue Banana e-liquid begins tasting like a delicious blueberry smoothie and is then topped with creamy sweet banana. Our Blue Banana e-juice is allowed to soak up the flavor for a month before we ship it out to you. That means you get the most enjoyable flavor profile possible.

    Transform Your Vaping Experience

    Modifying your e-juice flavor profile with the changing of the season is the perfect way to truly customize your vaping experience. And as the temperature rises and the flowers begin to bloom, you now gotta try these flavors. The transition of the seasons will only be enhanced with your switch to lighter flavors. So give these flavors a try and see how refreshing this spring can be.

  • 4 Ways For Displaying Proper Vaping Etiquettes

    Vaping behavior

    Vaping is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Plus it can be done in morning, noon, and night in the privacy of your own home or in some spectacular outdoor location. For a growing number of people, vaping has become their way to escape the hassles they encounter every day, stimulate their creativity, and focus on the beauty and wonder of the world around them. But as amazing an experience as vaping is, it's also important to remember there's an etiquette of proper vaping which allows you to enjoy your vaping experience without trampling the rights of others and becoming an intolerable vaper. Here are some etiquette rules for vaping.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #1: Don't Blow Vapor On Others

    Vaping can be an intensely personal experience or a great group activity that's shared with friends and strangers. But no matter the make up of the group in which you find yourself while vaping, it is never cool to blow your vapor on others on purpose. You may believe your newest vapor has a gorgeous bouquet and you'd love to share it with the world, but not everyone shares your opinion. Plus others may see blowing vapor on them as an insult. One that's equivalent to being spit on or having a drink thrown on them. So while vaping, be careful where you blow your vapor.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #2: Don't Vape Around Children

    Many adults see vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking. Vaping releases innocuous steam clouds that are safe for people and the environment. But vaping around children is a no-no. Vaping is a personal act. It is not a marketing activity. Children tend to imitate the actions of the adults they love, respect, and admire. So seeing you vaping may pique their curiosity and influence their decision to vape. Plus not everyone agrees vaping is safe, so having someone vaping around their children could make them angry. Vaping is an adult activity. One that should not be engaged in with children present.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #3: Don't Evangelize About Vaping Or Your Brand

    No matter how pleased with and enthusiastic about vaping you are, it's not cool to constantly get on your soapbox and extol the joys of vaping and the superiority of your brand. Vaping is a personal choice made by intelligent, open-minded adults. The last thing vapers want is cheerleaders or hype men parroting vaping industry tag lines and marketing pitches. Occasional passionate conversations about vaping or even your favorite mods, flavors or brand is fine, but constant chatter touting your choices is crosses the line.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #4: Don't Produce Huge Dense Clouds

    Few things are as relaxing as puffing on a vaporizer filled with your favorite e-juice. However, it's poor vaping etiquette to produce massive dense vapor clouds that hang in the air and make the space less tolerable. Modifying your rig to create gigantic vapor clouds is fine if you are vaping alone. When vaping with others producing massive vapor clouds is poor form and doesn't show the necessary consideration for others.

    Keep these tips in mind the next time you're out and about vaping.

  • Cloud Chasing; Tips And Tricks To Get Huge Clouds When Vaping

    Cloud Chasing Guide

    Vapers all around the world want to blow bigger clouds when vaping. Some of those vapers take it as far as to become "cloud chasers" which I will explain in more details what that involves. More and more vapers are buying RDA’s and sub ohm tanks to create the biggest clouds around. I’m going to explain in this blog post what cloud chasing is, what you need to know about cloud chasing and the possible dangers of cloud chasing.

    What is Cloud Chasing

    Many vapors work constantly on their mods and atomizers as it isn’t just a hobby for them, it’s a sport. There are actual competitions happening around the country where vapors who can blow the biggest clouds will win a prize as big as thousands of dollars. These competitors are called ‘cloud chasers’ and the sport is called, you guessed it… cloud chasing.

    9 Things You Need To Know About Cloud Chasing

    Now you know what cloud chasing is, let me explain some of the important things you need to know about it if you are considering joining the cloud chasing band. Cloud chasing can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t understand some of the basics of what it involves. To avoid any possible injury and to get the best possible clouds, make sure to follow these tips:

    Battery Safety

    We are working on a blog post that is entirely dedicated to battery safety so I won't touch too much on it in this post. But keep this in mind, misuse of batteries can potentially cause it to explode or catch fire. In short, make sure to never leave your mod charging unattended, never overcharge your mod and never use a charger that isn’t branded or that came with your mod.


    Airflow can be a tricky one to get right as if not enough air is escaping then the mod could potentially explode but if there is too much air then it will thin out your vapor clouds. As a cloud chaser, not only do you want huge clouds but also dense clouds which is why getting the airflow right without overheating the mod is a tricky task.

    A video posted by Vape Craft (@vapecraftinc) on


    To anyone who wants to just simply vape then I always recommend having a blend of both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). This is so you don’t get a harsh throat and so the experience is lighter. However for cloud chasing, it is best to have a VG heavy e-liquid because it is a thicker liquid which will result in denser clouds. We found a 70/30 VG to PG ratio is the perfect combo for superior flavor, throat hit and cloud production. 70/30 is great for everyday vaping. Although if you where to enter a "cloud competition", you most likely want to use Max VG(100%).


    To avoid any possible explosion or fire, make sure to invest in a mod that supports the low resistance of your coil builds. There are two types of mods; regulated mods and mechanical mods. Cloud chasers most commonly choose to go for mechanical mods as they have excellent air holes and connectivity. Mechanical mods are most definitely not for beginners though; they require extensive knowledge on battery safety and ohm’s law.


    Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer


    For those cloud chasers who are competitive, having a rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) is an absolute must. RDA’s require cloud chasers to build their own coils which they can attach to the tank using a screwdriver or other similar tool. RDA’s are also known as ‘drippers’ because you have to manually drip the e-liquid directly onto the coils before every few puffs. This isn’t the best for everyday use but is great for cloud chasing as the clouds produced from it are humongous.

    Let us know which RDA you like to drip with in the comments below

    Inhale/Exhale Technique

    Not only do you need some quality equipment and vast knowledge of the ohm law, you also need to perfect your inhale and exhale technique if you want to become a cloud chaser. For example, if you exhale too fast then the cloud will thin out. If you want a large dense cloud then exhale slowly. Another tip is what cloud chasers refer to as the ‘rip trippers’ technique which involves moving back as you exhale.


    Another important element to creating huge clouds is wicking. There are a number of different ways to wick your low resistance coils including tucking the wick underneath the coil, tucking it behind the coil or clipping it without tucking. Getting your wicking right will give you the most use out of your e-liquid. A good technique is to cut both ends of a wick to create ‘tails’. Fluff these tails up a bit and tuck both of them under the coil. Make sure to clear a little airway though beneath the wick and push slightly to one side.


    vape coilCloud chasing all comes down to how you build your coils. In short, the lower the resistance of your coils, the bigger your clouds will be. Of course, all the other factors mentioned above will account too but the build of the coil is the heart and soul if you like. There is a choice between a single coil and dual coil however most cloud chasers choose to go for dual coils because it produces more vapor.

    A question we often get is, what is the best cloud chasing build? And people asking what is the best mod for cloud chasing? But as you can see there is many different factors.


    Let me ask you, what do you think makes the best cloud chasing builds? Let us know in the comments below.

    The Dangers Of Cloud Chasing

    Battery WarningCloud chasing can be safe but if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t understand about battery safety or ohm’s law then it can be very dangerous. It is important to know things such as what batteries are safe to use with low resistance coils, how often to change batteries when cloud chasing or how big the air holes should be. When cloud chasing, you are literally pushing batteries to their limit. If you don’t know when to change batteries or use the wrong ones, it could end up exploding.


    Cloud chasing is certainly not for beginners or even intermediaries, it is only for those who are used to sub ohm vaping and want to take it to the next level. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up with a serious injury. Make sure to do your homework on this one and don’t rush into building a mod and firing it without knowing whether you have met all of the safety precautions. You are literally playing with fire.

    Keep Calm and Keep Vaping(No Smoking :) )

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