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  • Top 3 Summertime E-Juices From Vape Craft, Inc.

    Top 3 Summertime EJuices From Vape Craft Inc

    Summertime can be the best time of your life, and for sure many of your favorite memories come from those carefree summer months of years past. With the beautiful memories come the tastes and smells of those humid summer nights and those sunny poolside afternoons. The Here at Vape Craft, Inc., we've spent countless hours recreating the classic tastes of those memories.

    Summertime E-Juice #3: Pie Face
    Pie Face is the summation of a refreshing summer dessert, wrapped up in a neat e-juice bottle. Freshly baked apple pie is mixed with hints of light whipped cream in a perfect vaper’s rendition of your dad’s favorite sugary treat. By searching extensively for the molecules that give apple pie its unique taste and recreating them in liquid form, Vape Craft worked hard to recreate this signature sweet. They have certainly succeeded in giving an excellent vapor taste that is perfect for those late summer night porch vaping sessions.

    Summertime E-Juice #2: Orange Creamsicle
    When you were a kid, you probably went to the pool to cool off under the blazing summer sun. Maybe you went to the local park to run and play through the sprinklers, if you didn’t have access to a pool. Regardless of how you cooled off, you probably ran home to grab a sweet and refreshing frozen treat afterwards. And what better ice cold sweet could you have chosen than an orange creamsicle?  A brilliant combination of cool cream and signature orange flavor show exactly how perfect Vape Craft, Inc.’s Orange Creamsicle E-Juice is for refreshing summer vape sessions. This e-juice flavor completely captures the essence of those hot summer days.

    Summertime E-Juice #1: Strawberry Lemonade
    Every street had one - a rickety, homemade wooden stand barely held together with parts scavenged from the garage. A sign hanging from the top with the words “Lemonade - 50 cents!” scribbled on, and kids eagerly waiting with pitchers of liquid for cars to come by. Every once in a while you would head down to the little lemonade stand, and probably grab either normal lemonade or the even more refreshing strawberry lemonade. That strawberry lemonade flavor is exactly what Vape Craft strove to create with their impeccable Strawberry Lemonade e-juice flavor. Each pull from a vape with this e-liquid will give you flashbacks to those great summer days, with the scents and taste of real strawberry lemonade in your nose and mouth.

    Don’t miss out on our signature e-juices, perfect for summer vaping sessions. Indulge in those happy memories and relive the tastes and smells of your past with the delectable Strawberry Lemonade, Orange Creamsicle, and Pie Face e-juice flavors today.

  • 3 Unique Methods For Determining Your Exact E-Liquid Level

    3 Unique Methods For Determining Your Exact E-Liquid Level

    When you’re new to vaping, getting the right e-liquid level is one of the biggest hurdles you will face. Because vaping's not all that similar to regular smoking, and because nicotine is mentioned in concentration, learning what you need is a constant battle—especially at the start. Here, we’ll give you 3 methods to help you determine exactly what e-liquid level you should choose.

    Unique Method #1: Body Size Base
    The first method in store is one that's related to your body size. Nicotine levels are static, but body sizes range from extremely tiny (i.e under 120 pounds) to huge (think football linebacker, 300 pounds and six feet of pure muscle). Because of the range in body size, a light concentration of 6 mg nicotine could effect a smaller person more dramatically than it would a large person. Therefore, it'd be wise to weigh yourself and take a quick look at your height and body type. The larger and more dense you are, the more likely you’ll want a higher nicotine concentration in your e-liquid. Conversely, the tinier you are, the more likely you're to want a lower level in your e-juice.

    Unique Method #2: Past Smokers Unite
    We all know that smokers love their nicotine. Lots of smokers switch to vaping to either stop the smoking habit or to simply make it healthier. Therefore, those who have smoked before will have a higher tolerance to the nicotine levels in the e-liquid. If you’re a past smoker, you’re probably going to want to start with a higher level than a non-smoker would. Regardless of past vaping experience, you should know that if you've been a regular smoker, you'll prefer a higher e-liquid level.

    Unique Method #3: Device Check
    The last method depends on you taking a careful look at your device. The device you use will be a factor in determining what level of e-liquid you use. For instance, an e-cigarette can be used for both low and high levels, as both smokers (who prefer high levels) and entry-level vapers (who generally prefer lower levels) enjoy using this type of device. Vaporizers and vape pens generally trend higher, with users mostly using regular or high levels due to the decent pulling power of them. However, if you're using a MOD, it'd be wise to not use a high level. Since MODs are meant to create huge clouds of vapor, the amount of e-liquid used per pull is off the charts. Because of this, vapers get far more nicotine into their systems than with other devices. Therefore, modders will generally stick with lower e-liquid levels in order to compensate for how much they're using.

    These three unique checks and methods will ensure that you pick the correct e-liquid level. In doing so, you’ll be sure to make your vaping experience as pleasant and customized as possible.

  • Doing an Audit on Your Device

    Doing an Audit on Your Device

    Auditing your vaping device is something that every vaper should do, regardless of experience level or time spent vaping. Regularly checking your device for flaws or defects will help you understand your device better than before as well as help you notice if there are any potentially harmful wears or irregularities that you might not have caught as soon otherwise. Auditing your device at least once every three months is a great idea.

    To audit your device, the first thing you must do is deconstruct your device. Of course, how easy this task is depends on the device you have. Do you own a simple e-cigarette or vaporizer? Or perhaps a more complex MOD? For a vape, getting all the parts separated and spread out in front of you is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Unscrew the tank from the base, and take the battery out from the casing. Check if there’s any e-liquid in the tank, and if so leave it (or discard it, that choice is entirely up to you). Separate the mouthpiece if possible. For a MOD, the process is most likely more arduous. Because MODs are made up from so many individualized pieces—usually customized—the separation and unscrewing of various bits and parts can take a lot more time. In this case, you must be sure to take far more care, as many of the parts are more delicate and need a finer touch.

    After separating all the pieces, regardless of device type, lay each piece in front of you on a cloth. One by one, carefully inspect each piece. For the mouthpiece, take a look to see if there is any resin buildup underneath the lip. If so, you’ve two choices. The first is to simply replace the mouthpiece. If you have a spare one lying around or can easily go buy a new mouthpiece or two, then you should absolutely go for this option. The second choice is to give the mouthpiece a nice scrubbing. Wipe it down with warm water and a dash of soap, and scrub vigorously to remove that buildup.

    Next, move onto the tank. Inspect the outside for any cracks or cloudiness. This indicates that it’s time to change your tank, since cracks will result in shattering or leakage of e-juice. Once the outside inspection is done, check the coils inside. Look for any nicks in the coil, and check for buildup or dryness on the wicking material. Nicks in the coil will disrupt the flow of current, resulting in much weaker pulls. Dryness or buildup can also cause less liquid to flow, resulting in less vapor. Regardless of the problem, it’s always a good time to change your coil.

    Once you’ve inspected the tank, take a quick look at the battery. Is the battery showing any clear signs of discoloration or change in size or shape? If so, then it’s time to replace the battery. Discoloration or bulging could mean that the re-chargeability of your battery is about to decline rapidly. Chances are, you’ve already noticed a decrease in amount of time you can use your vape during vape sessions.

    Now that you’ve inspected your vape thoroughly and replaced any parts that need it, it’s time to put all the parts back together. Take a good look at your device. Are you happy with it? If not, then it’s a good thing you did an audit. That audit will help you search for a new vape, since you now know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for you in a device. If you’re completely satisfied with your device and if you’ve properly audited your device, it’ll almost feel brand new once you’ve taken that first pull during your next session. Nothing feels more rewarding than a proper audit, and making your old vape feel brand new is an experience you will never forget.

  • Can You Coil Build?

    Can You Coil Build

    Coil building is a part of the vaping experience that has a steep learning curve. You’ll find that not many people know how to do it. In fact, more than three quarters of vapers simply buy new coils when they need to. Building your own is one of the most rewarding parts of vaping, however, since it gives you ultimate control over the whole process of vaping. Combining mechanical prowess and technical know-how is a must if you want to know how to coil build.

    To start, you’ll need a few items. A pair of miniature scissors similar to ones you see in hospitals is necessary. Tweezers, a screwdriver, and needle-nose pliers are also needed. An ohm meter, a device you can pick up for relatively cheap at the local hardware store, is a critical component. Kanthal wire and wicking material like cotton will round out the components you’ll use when building your device.

    A plethora of articles on the specifics of doing this exist online, but knowing that, it's imperative to build your coils properly; being the first thing you should know. Because everything in a device runs on the basic principles of physics, overloading the capacity of your of it is quite a possibility.

    If you build a coil with little resistance, there's a high chance that your battery will blow out. Therefore, that previously mentioned ohm meter is absolutely necessary through every step of the process. Test the resistance of your coil before you power it, and make sure to calculate the current draw of your coil. Double check all of your calculations before you use that coil for the first time.

    With that said, once you've made your coil and have made sure it's safe to use, the experience is unbelievable. You'll produce clouds even bigger than before due to the freshness and tightness of the coil. Even better, with some experience you can easily tweak the coil to match your vaping style exactly, pairing your pulls with the exact amount of power to create a holy alliance of vapor. Once you get the hang of coil creation, it becomes quite fun. Of course, it's significantly cheaper than buying new coils every time it’s necessary. The individual parts come in such bulk that you don't have to buy them very often, so your vaping sessions will be interrupted far less often than before.

    All in all, building your own coils will enhance your vaping experience far more than you ever thought it would.

  • Temp Control Means Almost Everything

    Temp Control Means Almost Everything

    Temperature control vaping is still a fairly new addition to the world of vaping that's extremely rewarding in ways you couldn’t have imagined. For instance, have you ever pulled a completely dry hit that left a terrible, burnt taste in your mouth for the rest of the day and basically ruined your vaping experience that day? Or maybe you just get a slight hint of burning from your e-liquid that no matter what, you can never get rid of? Well, temperature control on MODs was designed to counteract exactly those scenarios.

    A MOD's temperature control usually works by presenting the option to set a Fahrenheit (or Celsius, if you’re a metric system user) value that no matter what the device will not surpass. The control system will closely monitor coil temperature, and the second the coil hits the set temperature will take over control. The system will then adjust power to keep the coil at a constant temperature no matter your pull size. Some brand new systems may also include a joules system. Joules are a slightly more accurate way to read power. Unless you're familiar with this measurement, then it's probably wiser to use wattage.

    Not only is temp control implemented to create a more enjoyable experience, it was also created to shepherd in a new era in vaping safety. By creating a completely safe way of limiting temperature with no human input, the system makes sure that it doesn't overheat. System overheating could lead to many parts of the MOD becoming damaged, from the battery melting to tanks cracking and breaking. It could also lead to burnt out wicks or unpleasant dry hits. The temperature control system makes sure, none of these things occur.

    Though most vapers think dry hits are just unpleasant, they can actually be harmful. Certain types of wicking material can actually burn and produce harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the range at which temperature control systems work offer ultimate tweak-ability. Since e-liquid taste can change between pulls due to the coil being not heated during the first hit and pre-heated for the second, to get that same taste, a temp control system will make sure the coil gets heated and stays heated. On top of that, the huge range lets vapers experiment with e-liquids at almost any temperature they could dream of.

    Temperature control systems in MODs are currently looked at as a luxury. But when you break down exactly what these systems do, it almost seems like they should be a necessity. By offering both safety and more usability than ever, temperature control systems on MODs are some of the most appealing features on the market today.

  • E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Batteries Aren’t The Same

    E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Batteries Arent The Same

    You may hear it pretty often. Maybe you’ve tried it yourself. You had your e-cig on one side of you with a fully charged battery, and your vaporizer on the other side with a battery completely spent. Your eyes darted from one to the other, since you want to use your vape so much more than your e-cig. Then you give into temptation. Reaching over to the e-cig, you pop out the battery and place it into the vaporizer. Somehow, it works and you enjoy your vape like nothing ever happened. But, surprise! Something did happen. Whether you believe it or not, e-cigarette and vaporizer batteries aren't the same. While they may seem very similar, the're some key differences that can result in chance bad events occurring if you use them interchangeably.

    Though e-cigarette batteries and portable vaporizer batteries use the same type of ion to be able to recharge (lithium ion), the concentration of these ions are different. Traditional vaporizers have far more lithium, as users of these devices are expected to be more likely to pull harder and deeper than e-cig users. The e-cig users generally are associated with previous regular cigarette smokers, who prefer smaller, finer pulls. Therefore, battery size and power storage can differ significantly between the two.

    Another key difference is the mechanism the battery uses to connect to the rest of the vaping device. Since e-cigarettes are small, sleek, and designed to emulate natural cigarettes, the battery must connect in an indented manner. Conversely, vaporizer batts don't have to worry about attaching a certain way as long as the device aesthetic remains. Therefore, the actual mechanisms in the way the two batteries connect is different. While they're likely to be able to connect somewhat and power a decent amount, it's very likely that the actual power received from the batt is far less than what you'd get if used normally.

    On the point of power efficiency, batteries are meant to be used in the most optimal way. By transplanting an e-cigarette battery to a traditional vaporizer or vice-versa, you're using batteries sub-optimally. This means you're drawing more but receiving less, and therefore draining the battery faster than you would normally. Repeatedly doing this will dramatically decrease the battery’s lifespan.

    Finally, though highly unlikely, there's a chance that the battery could melt or even explode. By straining the battery and using it in a non-standard way, conditions the battery has never been tested under may occur. These untested conditions could result in serious consequences. This reason alone is why e-cigarette and vaporizer batteries shouldn't be interchanged.

    Though many vapers do swap batteries with no harm or noticeable change in power, it's far wiser to keep e-cigarette and vaporizer batteries distinctly separate. The batteries will thank you for keeping their lifespan normal and for not putting them under extreme, abnormal stress.

  • Urban Fashion and Vaping Coming Together

    Urban Fashion and Vaping

    It's easy to make assumptions about people based on the way they look; the same can be said for the vaping community. There are common fashion trends among this particular group of people: flat billed hats, t-shirts, tattoos, and jeans seem to be common. Why are vapers drawn to this sort of fashion? Vaping is more than just a thing people do, it's a lifestyle. There's community associated with vaping as a hobby, camaraderie stemming from things like shared hardship as well as a willingness to learn.

    When a group of people get together with shared interests, they start to influence each other. Vapers begin this lifestyle for several reasons, a common one being to quit smoking as well as a genuine interest in the mechanical aspect of building MODs and coils or even the chemistry of creating or sharing that perfect e-liquid.

    Whatever the reason, the vaping community is a tight-knit one. They communicate via Facebook posts, Instagram, and  even YouTube, as well as attending conventions to learn about new things. Because of the constant communication associated with this type of contact, influential members of the vaping community are influencing masses of people right from home. In these posts and videos, they're usually dressed comfortably maybe wearing a tank top and jeans as they lounge at home. Body art being visible is also very common, as they're forms of self-expression and this group, generally in their mid-20s to early 40s, can be very expressive. At conventions, hats and t-shirts are often given out as a form of advertisement and vapers willingly wear this apparel to support their favorite brands.

    Of course, there are individuals in every niche and not every vaper is into urban fashion. I believe that there's a direct correlation between the increasing numbers of people that're and the influence that prominent members of the community exude via social media channels. People brought together in adversity or even just interest develop strong bonds and they grow and thrive as individuals as well as collectively. Vapers interested in urban fashion will only grow and thrive from here.

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