Mystic Diamond

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Flavor: This is the fruity bubblegum vape juice you have waited for. A mix of fresh Guava and bubblegum make this a flavorful all day vape.
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There once was a sacred gem that possessed the power to create the most magnificent e liquid known to man. The legend has it that the gems minerals could be infused into the liquid to create a flavor that was so good every electronic cigarette and vaping conoseuire was after it. A lady by the name Mystic Diamond was chosen by the creators of the gem to guard the gem and to protect it against theives and anyone who may use it greedily. She was to allow one person to possess the stone when she saw that they had proven themsleves worthy. The owner of Alternate Cig had been searching for this stone for years. He crossed bridges and mountains to prove his worthiness. Mystic Diamond saw his value and accepted to allow his possession of the gem. He has decided to share it's wonderful flavor and delightfullness with everyone. See how delightfull it really is and the vaping pleasures it will give you.

Flavor: Bubblegum and Guava

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