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Nicotine - PG Base 100mg/mL - 60mL

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This is 100mg of pure nicotine in a 60mL glass bottle for DIY vaping purposes.
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High Quality DIY Nicotine - PG Base 100mg/mL - 60mL. Warning: Nicotine is TOXIC and must be kept out of reach of children and pets. Use personal protective equipment during your formulations. Vape Craft Inc will not be held responsible for the misuse or mishandling of this product. CA PROP 65 contents. DO NOT VAPE PURE NICOTINE!

Hello Vape Craft vapers! For those who do not know how to handle nicotine (especially at this potent of a level), please take some time to research proper handling techniques and what equipment to use to protect yourself when handling nicotine. We care about your safety, and thank you for staying informed while handling this product. Product Includes: (1) Bottle of PG Base 100mg/mL - 60mL Nicotine

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