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Cappuccino V2 - DIY Flavoring By: Capella

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Flavor: Cappuccino flavoring from Capella
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Cappuccino V2 DIY Flavoring From Capella
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What's a better way to start your day or vape all day then a clean Cappuccino flavored vape. We love coffee vapes, and since you're here, you probably have a taste for them as well. Capella does a fantastic job executing this luxurious coffee choice. Their V2 Cappuccino is a great flavor to add to your arsenal of vape flavorings. Add this to a whole host of things to improve the body of your vapes. Great for a coffee cake vape, simple coffee recipes, desserts, anything. Get yours today from your #1 source for anything vaping, Vape Craft Inc. The masters of craft eliquid.
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