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JUUL - Cool Cucumber (4 Replacement Pods)

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The JUUL Cool Cucumber is a limited edition cucumber flavor that comes in 50mg nicotine strength and lasts for about 200 puffs per JUULpod.
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The JUUL's Cool Cucumber flavor comes in 50mg nicotine strength with 4 replacement flavor pods to be used with your JUUL vapors ystem. This flavor is a limited edition, so we aren't too sure how long it will be around so be sure to get yours before we run out! For those new to vaping or those who are seasoned, you will love this flavors profile and nicotine strength. With each puff of your juul you will get the flavor or nicotine hit that you so crave. Get yours today

JUUL Cool Cucumber Package Contains:

4 x Cool Cucumber flavor pods

50mg nicotine strength pods

Limited Edition Cucumber flavor

Averages 200 puffs per pod.

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