Urban Fashion and Vaping Coming Together

Urban Fashion and Vaping

It's easy to make assumptions about people based on the way they look; the same can be said for the vaping community. There are common fashion trends among this particular group of people: flat billed hats, t-shirts, tattoos, and jeans seem to be common. Why are vapers drawn to this sort of fashion? Vaping is more than just a thing people do, it's a lifestyle. There's community associated with vaping as a hobby, camaraderie stemming from things like shared hardship as well as a willingness to learn.

When a group of people get together with shared interests, they start to influence each other. Vapers begin this lifestyle for several reasons, a common one being to quit smoking as well as a genuine interest in the mechanical aspect of building MODs and coils or even the chemistry of creating or sharing that perfect e-liquid.

Whatever the reason, the vaping community is a tight-knit one. They communicate via Facebook posts, Instagram, and  even YouTube, as well as attending conventions to learn about new things. Because of the constant communication associated with this type of contact, influential members of the vaping community are influencing masses of people right from home. In these posts and videos, they're usually dressed comfortably maybe wearing a tank top and jeans as they lounge at home. Body art being visible is also very common, as they're forms of self-expression and this group, generally in their mid-20s to early 40s, can be very expressive. At conventions, hats and t-shirts are often given out as a form of advertisement and vapers willingly wear this apparel to support their favorite brands.

Of course, there are individuals in every niche and not every vaper is into urban fashion. I believe that there's a direct correlation between the increasing numbers of people that're and the influence that prominent members of the community exude via social media channels. People brought together in adversity or even just interest develop strong bonds and they grow and thrive as individuals as well as collectively. Vapers interested in urban fashion will only grow and thrive from here.

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