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  1. Interview with Aaron Biebert - A Billion Lives Documentary


    Everyday there are people out there making the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and/or other vaping devices out there. However, for those who are brand new to the world of vaping, and for those on the outside looking in, there are still plenty of things to learn.

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    Last week, we had the honor of interviewing filmmaker Aaron Biebert, the man behind the hit “A Billion Lives Documentary”. For those of you who may of not seen or heard of this before, this short film takes you inside of how well vaping has been able to change people’s lives for the better, as the industry continues to expand, all the while going up against big media and other outsources as well as big pharma that wants to bring it to its knees.

    So without further ado, here’s our one-on- one interview with Aaron.

    A Billion Lives Documentary - Interview with Aaron Q and A

    Q. Aaron, where was your motivation derived from to create your documentary,  "A Billion Lives"?

    A. It's a bit complicated. As a filmmaker, I'm always looking for a great story to tell. Something worthy of a year's worth of time. As my team considered our first movie for theaters, we wanted it to be something big. At the same time as I was looking for a story, I became one of those idiots who believed the news reports about vaping. Friends of mine who were vapers corrected it, but then I felt irritated. Once I found out there were a billion people projected to die early this century from smoking, I became angry. How was there not already a movie about this?

    It didn't take much convincing after I got to that point. I was in.

    Since those initial feelings, the topic has become very personal to me. I've become friends with many former smokers that quit through the use of vapor technology. I feel like I'm fighting for their lives.






    Q. I understand part of your goal with this film is to "open up the conversation" and give the general public and policy makers some creditable information they can trust when making decisions. Do you think the film will influence the public and politicians to support vaping?

    A. If the community of people who already know the truth about vapor technology keep rallying behind our film, we are definitely going to convince people. The film is made for politicians, doctors, and non-smokers/vapers. That's one of the best things I could bring to the film. I'm objective because I'm not a smoker/vaper.

    Q. Being a former smoker and after watching the trailer for "A Billion Lives" it truly aggravates and saddens me that our most trusted public health organizations are lying to us about the health effects of e-cigarettes. While this is not new knowledge to me, the trailer really emphasizes this point. How does this make you feel?

    A. It makes me feel angry too.

    If they'll lie about something that could save a billion people's lives, what else are they lying about?

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    Q. Most of our customers have let us know that without the different flavors on the market today they would return to smoking tobacco.  What can be done by the general public to help keep a suitable variety of electronic cigarettes and flavors on the market?

    A. We need to change public perception. Right now vapers are losing the war.

    Our movie can help, but it's going to take the community of vapers learning more, listening more, and finding ways to communicate about why they're vaping. It's not a fad, it's a way to quit smoking.

    Q. Since the launch of the trailer for "A Billion Lives" has anyone contacted you to threaten you in any way of the consequences that would result from debuting such a film?

    A. No major threats. However, we did have our website hacked. I've gotten phone calls with subtle threats.

    We're threatening nearly a trillion dollars’ worth of industry and charity. The really scary people don't probably know about our film yet...or they aren't worried about it.

    That will change soon.

    Q. Aaron, do you vape? And if so, why did you start vaping and how has it helped you?

    A. I've never been a smoker, so I don't vape regularly. However, I have tried it so I could understand it.

    Q. Do you feel that e-juices and electronic cigarettes on the market today are too expensive and could lead to users returning to the former?

    A. From what I've seen, I don't think they are too expensive compared to smoking cigarettes. Plus, the value of good health is priceless. I think the prices will keep coming down and more people will try them. I get worried about the taxes some of these states are trying. I do think that taxes that try to make vaping just as expensive as smoking will end up taking away one of the biggest reasons to switch.

    I think they know that.

    Q. When it comes to e-liquid manufacturing and safe manufacturing environments, what do you feel should be required by manufactures to ensure consumer safety to its highest possible extent?

    A. I'm not an expert on manufacturing environments, but I think it's great to see so many responsible manufacturers mixing liquid in clean rooms. Anything that adds confidence for the consumer is a plus right now. People are nervous.

    Great safety and standards will help.

    Q. Do you believe organizations like SFATA( and CASAA( are making a difference when it comes to the fight to keep electronic cigarettes legal and affordable?

    A. I think advocacy organizations are doing a lot with what little they have. Most of their leaders/board members seem to be volunteering their time in some capacity.

    I look forward to helping make a difference with the movie. I think that'll give these groups another tool in their battle.

    Q.  Do you think electronic cigarettes should be regulated and if so what's your opinion on how US Policy Makers should regulate electronic cigarettes?

    A. I think most of the regulation is a thinly veiled attempt at banning the technology, either to protect income from smoking (sales, taxes, donations) or out of ignorant ideology. As long as they continue to sell cigarettes that kill one out of two users, they need to allow vaping devices and liquids nearly the same freedom so that people switch.

    It's common sense in my mind.

    Q.  In the trailer, you mention "money is corrupting our most trusted organizations". Of course I am sure this will be revealed more in the documentary, but I wanted to see if the readers can get a sneak peak as to how money plays a role in the long term lifespan of electronic cigarettes? And I ask this question just in case anyone reading is not fully aware of how Big Tobacco and Big Pharma corrupts our public health system.

    A. Well, in my mind, the biggest group to fear is Big Pharma. They spend nearly $24 Billion each year on marketing to doctors and sponsoring big charities like the American Cancer Society, which openly calls for vaping taxes to be equal to cigarettes to discourage people from switching to vaping.

    Everyone in the medical world now knows vaping is safer than smoking.

    That is corrupt. They are putting money before their core mission.

    Doctors are busy, so they trust what they're told by their peers (sponsored by Big Pharma) and trusted health brands like American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, and others (also sponsored by Big Pharma).

    The media many times believes whatever they are told by a doctor, so there are tons of ignorant comments by doctors in articles and videos all over the internet.

    Big tobacco companies are loving it. Big pharmaceutical companies continue to make money from nicotine replacement therapies and cancer drugs.

    It's working out pretty great for them. Pretty bad for smokers.

    It's time for truth.

    Our Final Thoughts

    As you can see, this man is extremely passionate about not just the products in the vaping world, but for the community as a whole. This is a fight all vapers have to go through, but one that when you look at this interview real closely, are not alone. Even those who don’t vape are starting to see how and why vaping is becoming a better alternative to cigarette smoking and how some are seeing the lies that are being spread out there by the media and other outlets.

    Well, we hope you enjoyed reading this interview and we encourage you to check out and share the this interview and trailer for this documentary. Visit the official A Billions Lives website here.

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