1. 4 Ways For Displaying Proper Vaping Etiquettes

    Vaping behavior

    Vaping is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Plus it can be done in morning, noon, and night in the privacy of your own home or in some spectacular outdoor location. For a growing number of people, vaping has become their way to escape the hassles they encounter every day, stimulate their creativity, and focus on the beauty and wonder of the world around them. But as amazing an experience as vaping is, it's also important to remember there's an etiquette of proper vaping which allows you to enjoy your vaping experience without trampling the rights of others and becoming an intolerable vaper. Here are some etiquette rules for vaping.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #1: Don't Blow Vapor On Others

    Vaping can be an intensely personal experience or a great group activity that's shared with friends and strangers. But no matter the make up of the group in which you find yourself while vaping, it is never cool to blow your vapor on others on purpose. You may believe your newest vapor has a gorgeous bouquet and you'd love to share it with the world, but not everyone shares your opinion. Plus others may see blowing vapor on them as an insult. One that's equivalent to being spit on or having a drink thrown on them. So while vaping, be careful where you blow your vapor.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #2: Don't Vape Around Children

    Many adults see vaping as a healthy alternative to smoking. Vaping releases innocuous steam clouds that are safe for people and the environment. But vaping around children is a no-no. Vaping is a personal act. It is not a marketing activity. Children tend to imitate the actions of the adults they love, respect, and admire. So seeing you vaping may pique their curiosity and influence their decision to vape. Plus not everyone agrees vaping is safe, so having someone vaping around their children could make them angry. Vaping is an adult activity. One that should not be engaged in with children present.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #3: Don't Evangelize About Vaping Or Your Brand

    No matter how pleased with and enthusiastic about vaping you are, it's not cool to constantly get on your soapbox and extol the joys of vaping and the superiority of your brand. Vaping is a personal choice made by intelligent, open-minded adults. The last thing vapers want is cheerleaders or hype men parroting vaping industry tag lines and marketing pitches. Occasional passionate conversations about vaping or even your favorite mods, flavors or brand is fine, but constant chatter touting your choices is crosses the line.

    Proper Vaping Etiquette Tip #4: Don't Produce Huge Dense Clouds

    Few things are as relaxing as puffing on a vaporizer filled with your favorite e-juice. However, it's poor vaping etiquette to produce massive dense vapor clouds that hang in the air and make the space less tolerable. Modifying your rig to create gigantic vapor clouds is fine if you are vaping alone. When vaping with others producing massive vapor clouds is poor form and doesn't show the necessary consideration for others.

    Keep these tips in mind the next time you're out and about vaping.

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