Altitude Changes Means Vaping Experience Changes

altitude vaping

High altitude vaping is certainly possible, but it takes some getting used to. It requires the same patience and practice that cooking does in high mountains but once you get used to it, life at the top of the world is hard to beat. You can bring papers and a lighter if you want to, but give mountain vaping a fair chance before you light up.

Vaping at the summit of Mt. Rainier wouldn’t be dangerous, but it'd be a little more work than standing at sea level with your toes in the sand. The further up you go, the harder it gets to produce the kind of thick vapor clouds serious vapers appreciate. Higher altitudes not only cause changes in air pressure, it also means less oxygen, and both are going to affect vaping. Air pressure affects vaping by forcing air into the tank which leads to less than satisfying, thin vapor clouds. Add to that the possibility of altitude sickness, and it could be a couple of days before you feel normal enough to enjoy a good vaping session. Hang in there, let your body acclimate to its new surroundings, and soon you’ll be vaping as usual, enjoying every hit as if you were still on flat ground. It’s all in what a person is used to, so if you’re thinking of a trip to the mountains plan on the differences in vaping and bear in mind, the longer you stay, the less difference it will make.

Altitude affects more than just the physical sensations of vaping, it can really mess with your equipment as well. As pressure forces air into a tank, it’s squeezing the e-liquid out. Cleaning up a sticky mess is one thing, but when you get up in the high country, re-supply of a wasted product could be a major pain when the dispensary is miles away. The simplest solution to this problem is don’t fill the vape until you’re ready to use it. There are several vapes out there that claim to have leak-proof tanks for high altitudes, and maybe they do, but the best advice is still just to travel empty. Pre-filling may work in the lowlands, but if you’re heading for altitude think twice or at least bring along plenty of extra liquid to replace what leaks out before you get there. Vape supplies aren’t free after all, and most that are worth buying aren’t cheap, so why chance it? Putting everything into a plastic bag might contain the mess but you still end up with an empty tank.

Some would call mountain vaping a magical experience, and they’d be right, but not if you sit down with a dry tank. Life in the mountains is worth whatever adjustments you need to make it work, and that includes changes in vaping. Practice a little patience and it'll be rewarded many times over by the awesome feeling of vaping as nature puts on a live show for you.

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