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  • Doing an Audit on Your Device

    Doing an Audit on Your Device

    Auditing your vaping device is something that every vaper should do, regardless of experience level or time spent vaping. Regularly checking your device for flaws or defects will help you understand your device better than before as well as help you notice if there are any potentially harmful wears or irregularities that you might not have caught as soon otherwise. Auditing your device at least once every three months is a great idea.

    To audit your device, the first thing you must do is deconstruct your device. Of course, how easy this task is depends on the device you have. Do you own a simple e-cigarette or vaporizer? Or perhaps a more complex MOD? For a vape, getting all the parts separated and spread out in front of you is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Unscrew the tank from the base, and take the battery out from the casing. Check if there’s any e-liquid in the tank, and if so leave it (or discard it, that choice is entirely up to you). Separate the mouthpiece if possible. For a MOD, the process is most likely more arduous. Because MODs are made up from so many individualized pieces—usually customized—the separation and unscrewing of various bits and parts can take a lot more time. In this case, you must be sure to take far more care, as many of the parts are more delicate and need a finer touch.

    After separating all the pieces, regardless of device type, lay each piece in front of you on a cloth. One by one, carefully inspect each piece. For the mouthpiece, take a look to see if there is any resin buildup underneath the lip. If so, you’ve two choices. The first is to simply replace the mouthpiece. If you have a spare one lying around or can easily go buy a new mouthpiece or two, then you should absolutely go for this option. The second choice is to give the mouthpiece a nice scrubbing. Wipe it down with warm water and a dash of soap, and scrub vigorously to remove that buildup.

    Next, move onto the tank. Inspect the outside for any cracks or cloudiness. This indicates that it’s time to change your tank, since cracks will result in shattering or leakage of e-juice. Once the outside inspection is done, check the coils inside. Look for any nicks in the coil, and check for buildup or dryness on the wicking material. Nicks in the coil will disrupt the flow of current, resulting in much weaker pulls. Dryness or buildup can also cause less liquid to flow, resulting in less vapor. Regardless of the problem, it’s always a good time to change your coil.

    Once you’ve inspected the tank, take a quick look at the battery. Is the battery showing any clear signs of discoloration or change in size or shape? If so, then it’s time to replace the battery. Discoloration or bulging could mean that the re-chargeability of your battery is about to decline rapidly. Chances are, you’ve already noticed a decrease in amount of time you can use your vape during vape sessions.

    Now that you’ve inspected your vape thoroughly and replaced any parts that need it, it’s time to put all the parts back together. Take a good look at your device. Are you happy with it? If not, then it’s a good thing you did an audit. That audit will help you search for a new vape, since you now know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for you in a device. If you’re completely satisfied with your device and if you’ve properly audited your device, it’ll almost feel brand new once you’ve taken that first pull during your next session. Nothing feels more rewarding than a proper audit, and making your old vape feel brand new is an experience you will never forget.

  • Temp Control Means Almost Everything

    Temp Control Means Almost Everything

    Temperature control vaping is still a fairly new addition to the world of vaping that's extremely rewarding in ways you couldn’t have imagined. For instance, have you ever pulled a completely dry hit that left a terrible, burnt taste in your mouth for the rest of the day and basically ruined your vaping experience that day? Or maybe you just get a slight hint of burning from your e-liquid that no matter what, you can never get rid of? Well, temperature control on MODs was designed to counteract exactly those scenarios.

    A MOD's temperature control usually works by presenting the option to set a Fahrenheit (or Celsius, if you’re a metric system user) value that no matter what the device will not surpass. The control system will closely monitor coil temperature, and the second the coil hits the set temperature will take over control. The system will then adjust power to keep the coil at a constant temperature no matter your pull size. Some brand new systems may also include a joules system. Joules are a slightly more accurate way to read power. Unless you're familiar with this measurement, then it's probably wiser to use wattage.

    Not only is temp control implemented to create a more enjoyable experience, it was also created to shepherd in a new era in vaping safety. By creating a completely safe way of limiting temperature with no human input, the system makes sure that it doesn't overheat. System overheating could lead to many parts of the MOD becoming damaged, from the battery melting to tanks cracking and breaking. It could also lead to burnt out wicks or unpleasant dry hits. The temperature control system makes sure, none of these things occur.

    Though most vapers think dry hits are just unpleasant, they can actually be harmful. Certain types of wicking material can actually burn and produce harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the range at which temperature control systems work offer ultimate tweak-ability. Since e-liquid taste can change between pulls due to the coil being not heated during the first hit and pre-heated for the second, to get that same taste, a temp control system will make sure the coil gets heated and stays heated. On top of that, the huge range lets vapers experiment with e-liquids at almost any temperature they could dream of.

    Temperature control systems in MODs are currently looked at as a luxury. But when you break down exactly what these systems do, it almost seems like they should be a necessity. By offering both safety and more usability than ever, temperature control systems on MODs are some of the most appealing features on the market today.

  • Urban Fashion and Vaping Coming Together

    Urban Fashion and Vaping

    It's easy to make assumptions about people based on the way they look; the same can be said for the vaping community. There are common fashion trends among this particular group of people: flat billed hats, t-shirts, tattoos, and jeans seem to be common. Why are vapers drawn to this sort of fashion? Vaping is more than just a thing people do, it's a lifestyle. There's community associated with vaping as a hobby, camaraderie stemming from things like shared hardship as well as a willingness to learn.

    When a group of people get together with shared interests, they start to influence each other. Vapers begin this lifestyle for several reasons, a common one being to quit smoking as well as a genuine interest in the mechanical aspect of building MODs and coils or even the chemistry of creating or sharing that perfect e-liquid.

    Whatever the reason, the vaping community is a tight-knit one. They communicate via Facebook posts, Instagram, and  even YouTube, as well as attending conventions to learn about new things. Because of the constant communication associated with this type of contact, influential members of the vaping community are influencing masses of people right from home. In these posts and videos, they're usually dressed comfortably maybe wearing a tank top and jeans as they lounge at home. Body art being visible is also very common, as they're forms of self-expression and this group, generally in their mid-20s to early 40s, can be very expressive. At conventions, hats and t-shirts are often given out as a form of advertisement and vapers willingly wear this apparel to support their favorite brands.

    Of course, there are individuals in every niche and not every vaper is into urban fashion. I believe that there's a direct correlation between the increasing numbers of people that're and the influence that prominent members of the community exude via social media channels. People brought together in adversity or even just interest develop strong bonds and they grow and thrive as individuals as well as collectively. Vapers interested in urban fashion will only grow and thrive from here.

  • Get Your Head in The Clouds

    Get Your Head in The Clouds

    I'm no psychic, but if you're reading this, chances are you're trying to figure out how to get massive clouds without damaging your MOD. If I'm right, which I am, then you're in luck! What I'm about to explain will blow your mind, not your MOD, and help you to make the biggest clouds you've ever seen.

    In an attempt to create those sought-after clouds, many vapers turn to a method known as “sub-ohm vaping.” Sub-ohm vaping is a process that pushes the limits of your battery. When you do this, it can cause the power load to exceed its limitations. This may cause the device to melt, overheat, or even explode. Sub-ohm vaping is dangerous and should never be attempted, but fear not; I'm going to give you three methods to creating those giant clouds we all know and love, without the risk of explosion.

    The first method is purchasing an e-liquid using high percentages of vegetable glycerin (VG). VG captures moisture from the air, creating those monumental vapor plumes. The more VG your e-juice has, the larger the clouds you'll produce. The issue with this method is the more VG you use, the more diluted your flavor will become.

    The next method is to use low ohm coils. Using a device with lower ohm coils is a quick and easy way to increase your vapor production. Lower ohm coils have less resistance, which causes them to become hotter in less time. This process will allow the e-liquid to burn faster, producing more vapor output. However, you'll run through your e-liquid much faster than usual.

    The final method involves reducing your nicotine strength. Many cloud chasers prefer not to use nicotine for this very purpose. Lowering the nicotine level to about 0.6% can help achieve larger clouds through a process referred to as “direct pulling.” Direct pulling is the process of inhaling directly from the mouthpiece of the device, allowing higher amounts of vapor to be inhaled. This method is highly effective in achieving larger clouds.

    Whether you choose to purchase an e-juice with a high VG percentage, purchase lower ohm coils, reduce your nicotine levels, or even chose to do all three at once, just take into consideration the pros and cons to each method and choose what's right for you. Before you know it, you'll be making clouds so large, you'll have your own atmosphere!

  • Vaping Practice. Yes We're Talking About Practice!

    Vaping Practice Yes We're Talking About Practice

    Practice makes perfect. This is true for all arts including vaping. Whether you're a beginner starting out with your first disposable e-cigarette or a more traditional e-cigarette, then moving on up to a vaporizer, professional practicing is always essential. When it comes to do this with new MODs or tanks and atomizers, temperature adjustments and even different batteries, this means new vaping techniques to practice, evolve, and add to your vaping experience.

    If you're a smoker new to vaping, you may find that it doesn't feel the same and doesn't provide the same sensation as smoking does. It's a different experience because you're inhaling vapor not smoke. If you're coughing or experiencing a burning sensation down the back of your throat and lungs this is why. If this is happening, rehearse different drawing techniques. Instead of taking a quick, hard, sucking draw as you would with a cigarette, try taking a long, slow, and soft draw in the same way you would take a breath through your mouth. Also, when you draw the vapor into your mouth, hold it there for a second and then inhale it.

    Once you've experience with vaping, you can start implementing with new options for your device or move on up to an upgraded e-cigarette or even a vaporizer. So for instance, if you're using a tank and atomizer, you can practice your techniques using different tank styles and atomizers. This'll provide different wicking methods, alternative loading options either top load or bottom load, and different disbursements of heat. This'll affect how much e-juice is flowing through the device per draw, the taste and feel of your vape experience. Practice is even recommended when you change your battery because that too can alter your experience.

    If you're a vaping professional, you've probably jumped into the excitement of MODs. These awesome devices can provide a whole new experience when it comes to vaping and the tweaks available are endless. Every time you change your MOD, you should spend time practicing before making further changes. This'll allow time to adapt your techniques to your change. Also, remember to practice cleaning your device to ensure the best experience.

    Practice is always essential regardless of your level of experience. It'll improve your experience and lessen your costs. Your device, regardless of which one you'll using,  will receive less wear and tear and experience less e-liquid waste with practice as you learn to utilize your vape efficiently. Last but not least, practicing when it comes to vaping is just plain fun!

  • Altitude Changes Means Vaping Experience Changes

    altitude vaping

    High altitude vaping is certainly possible, but it takes some getting used to. It requires the same patience and practice that cooking does in high mountains but once you get used to it, life at the top of the world is hard to beat. You can bring papers and a lighter if you want to, but give mountain vaping a fair chance before you light up.

    Vaping at the summit of Mt. Rainier wouldn’t be dangerous, but it'd be a little more work than standing at sea level with your toes in the sand. The further up you go, the harder it gets to produce the kind of thick vapor clouds serious vapers appreciate. Higher altitudes not only cause changes in air pressure, it also means less oxygen, and both are going to affect vaping. Air pressure affects vaping by forcing air into the tank which leads to less than satisfying, thin vapor clouds. Add to that the possibility of altitude sickness, and it could be a couple of days before you feel normal enough to enjoy a good vaping session. Hang in there, let your body acclimate to its new surroundings, and soon you’ll be vaping as usual, enjoying every hit as if you were still on flat ground. It’s all in what a person is used to, so if you’re thinking of a trip to the mountains plan on the differences in vaping and bear in mind, the longer you stay, the less difference it will make.

    Altitude affects more than just the physical sensations of vaping, it can really mess with your equipment as well. As pressure forces air into a tank, it’s squeezing the e-liquid out. Cleaning up a sticky mess is one thing, but when you get up in the high country, re-supply of a wasted product could be a major pain when the dispensary is miles away. The simplest solution to this problem is don’t fill the vape until you’re ready to use it. There are several vapes out there that claim to have leak-proof tanks for high altitudes, and maybe they do, but the best advice is still just to travel empty. Pre-filling may work in the lowlands, but if you’re heading for altitude think twice or at least bring along plenty of extra liquid to replace what leaks out before you get there. Vape supplies aren’t free after all, and most that are worth buying aren’t cheap, so why chance it? Putting everything into a plastic bag might contain the mess but you still end up with an empty tank.

    Some would call mountain vaping a magical experience, and they’d be right, but not if you sit down with a dry tank. Life in the mountains is worth whatever adjustments you need to make it work, and that includes changes in vaping. Practice a little patience and it'll be rewarded many times over by the awesome feeling of vaping as nature puts on a live show for you.

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